10 Cool Airstreams and Other Alternative Mobile Housing


In the 1950s, Airstream trailers were the pinnacle of luxurious travel: roomy, comfortable and futuristic, resembling nothing more than a Jetsons-like flying vehicle ready to take to the skies. Today, Airstream aficionados drool over the rounded aluminum bodies and mid-century modern interiors. While many still function as campers, others have been transformed into homes, studios, traveling boutiques and even bowling alleys. These 10 Airstreams and other tiny mobile dwellings prove that small can be stylish and surprisingly multi-functional.

Kristina Spaulding’s Dreamy Curves


Can this Airstream get any dreamier? Pale birch, linen and chrome adorn the curvilinear interior of Kristina Spaulding’s 1967 Tradewind. Spaulding wanted the inside to have the same feel as the iconic exterior, cutting many of the curved shapes herself with a jigsaw. The postcard-covered kitchen counter is a nod to the many journeys Spaulding has made in her traveling home.

Masculine Wood MObi


Modern minimalists who still crave organic textures will love MObi, a restored Airstream with lots of wood and white. Packed with a surprisingly large kitchen, a sleek bathroom and a flat screen television with surround sound, this more masculine version of the tricked-out classic camper has all the necessities and more.

Tiny Modern Airstream Abode


Imagine waking up every day in a bright and cozy Airstream trailer that serves as your home, and then heading to work – in the converted cargo trailer that’s towed behind your truck. That’s reality for architect Andreas Stavropoulos, who has converted both from run-of-the-mill prefab boxes into comfortable, livable spaces.

Sarah’s Airstream Studio


Of course, Airstreams aren’t just for livin’ on the road. They make ridiculously adorable work studios, as proven by this extreme makeover by crafter Sarah of 26 Letters. Sarah’s eye for design is obvious, with carefully chosen modern furniture and accessories and pops of color against a bright white ‘canvas’.

Airstream, or Bowling Alley?


Of all the wacky things you might come across in Vegas, would you ever expect a bowling alley in an Airstream? The trailer – located at the Silverton Casino – seems to have been widened to accommodate two lanes of fun.

Adelante Boutique’s Airstream ‘Curb Service’


Austin, Texas boutique Adelante has repurposed an Airstream into the chicest little mobile boutique you ever saw. The customized 1976 model will roll up to any curb for private parties including bridal showers, with partygoers sipping on “streamtinis” while perusing racks of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Eye-Popping Airstreams at Grand Daddy Hotel


Need someplace to stay while traveling in South Africa? It would be hard to find a more unique experience than the curious gaggle of rentable Airstreams at the Grand Daddy Hotel. This one, designed by Sarah Pratt, was inspired by the blue dress of a certain heroine in The Wizard of Oz.

Contemporary Prairie Schooner


A young couple named Libby Reinish and Tristan Chambers made this ‘contemporary prairie schooner’ in a span of just a few months and now live in it while traveling cross-country. Inspired by gypsy wagons, this tiny portable home packs in plenty of creature comforts, but perhaps none quite as unexpected as the little caged lookout for their cat.

Woodie Love Bug Custom Trailer


The small and shiny ‘Woodie Love Bug’ is like a homemade cross between an Airstream and a teardrop trailer. Custom-made by Dayton Taylor and Vintage Trailer Crazy, these trailers are 12-feet-long fully customizable mobile homes crafted from oak, birch and metal.

Protostoga: 21st Century Wagon


Another project taking a cue from the shiny metal of Airstream exteriors is the ‘Protostoga‘, built as an extension for the owners’ more traditional-looking – but still highly unusual – tiny house. “It will function as a flex space,” creator Ann Holley told Tiny House Blog. “It can be a guesthouse, vacation cottage, dining room, mobile studio, escape pod, reading room and much more.”

Main image: Grand Daddy Hotel

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7 thoughts on “10 Cool Airstreams and Other Alternative Mobile Housing

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  2. These are awesome, some certainly could be used for some road-tripping and to live an alternative life style. Very inspiring, thanks!

  3. Hello Eco Salon (and Friends),

    Thanks so much for including me in your fabulous list of mobile housing.
    It’s a wonderfully creative list!

    If anyone is interested in seeing any more of my 5 vintage trailers, you can visit them here: http://silvertrailer.com/design.php

    Thanks again!


    K r i s t i a n a Spaulding

  4. I love the idea of taking an office out on the road and then just setting up and running on solar power. It probably works great in the wide open spaces of the USA but I’m not so sure it would have the same appeal in the UK.

    If you want to protect your airstream of gypsy wagon then check out the caravan alarm and GPS tracking sytstem at http://www.emmtek.co.uk.

    It’s a self contained alarm and control system that can be solar powered and it uses the cell phone network and satellite tracking to tell you where your caravan or trailer is at any time.

    Like the blog!

  5. That’s pretty darn interesting. I would like a protostoga. In one of my past lives, I believe I crossed the plains in an older model. I can think of someone that could use an Airstream Boutique.
    In this economy, it is refreshing to find creative people beating the odds.

  6. I’ll take any one of these! Especially Sarah Spencer’s 26 Letters studio…or a stay at The Grand Daddy. Decisions, decisions…

  7. On a recent road trip from Arizona to Nebraska, I saw a couple of Airstreams and wondered what they looked like inside. I thought I wanted one before – now I know I do! I love the idea of re-purposing one into an office or studio on wheels.


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