10 Infographics on Going to College

A few years in the hallowed halls of a prestigious university is becoming increasingly expensive.

As summer winds to a close, recent high school graduates all over the country will pack their bags and load up the cars for their first year in college. A college education might be necessary in order to launch a successful professional career, but paying for one has become difficult. We rounded up some data in the form of these 10 infographics for all the bright-eyed, eager-to-study youngsters in your life.

Is College Still Worth It?: Some stats on whether or not someone should go to college at all.

The Higher Education Bubble: Tuition’s ever-spiraling prices are reminiscent of the housing market, before the collapse.

Bowl Game Economics: College football is a big industry.

Self Learning: The New Master’s Degree: College is too expensive…but there’s always the Internet.

The Unprepared Nation: Many high school graduates are unprepared for postsecondary education.

Going to School, Drowning in Debt: Americans now owe more in student loan debt than the entire GDP of Australia.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before College: It’s not really a surprise that many people wish they hadn’t partied away four years of expensive education.

The Truth About College Drinking: A good way to save money is to not spend as much on alcohol.

An Export of Students: A growing number of wealthy Chinese are sending their children to the United States for college.

How Do High School Grads Perceive College?: Even if most high school grads don’t intend to go directly to college, earning a college degree remains a common long-term goal.

Image: rexhammock.