10 Great Songs for Driving at Night

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for those late night road trips. 

This playlist was made solely for wanderlust, to inspire you to drop everything and hit the road.

Check out the music videos for some of the songs below, or instead of clicking play every time one music video ends and you need to start the next, go even further ahead and listen to all of them nonstop on our 10 Songs for Driving and Traveling by Night playlist on 8tracks.

1. Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix) – College

2. A Million Miles Away – FM Attack

3. Street Hawk (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Futurecop! [on Souncloud]

4. Night Drive – Chromatics

5. Spirit Of The Night – Tesla Boy

6. Grand Junction – Computer Magic

7. She’s Electric – Vega

8. Pipeline – The Alan Parsons Project

9. Back Alley – Wyldlyf [on Soundcloud]

10. Arrival – Lazerhawk

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Image: VeZoul