10 Tips to Go Off the Grid This Weekend

off the grid on the river

Cell phones, laptops, the Blackberry, iPods, texting, Twitter. Do you ever feel a little too in touch with the world? Next time you’re suffering from technology overload, cut the cord and spend some quality time with Mother Earth for a weekend. Here are some basic tips for a few days off the grid and out in nature.

Photobucket Make a list of everything you need and check it twice. There won’t be a convenience store around the corner if you forget something, so review these essentials to make sure you’re prepared.

PhotobucketDress for the occasion. Wear waterproof hiking boots and lightweight, water-resistant clothing that breathes. If you’re headed up to a high altitude, be ready for a temperature drop with plenty of layers.

PhotobucketEven though it’s so easy, a caveman can do it, make sure you know how to start a fire. If you follow these simple steps, it should be a cinch.

PhotobucketInvest in a tent and sleeping bag made for backcountry camping. Lightweight and compact, they’re easily portable.

PhotobucketBring a detailed map and compass and familiarize yourself with the area before setting out. Getting lost in the wilderness is no joke, so you’ll need to brush up on your navigation skills before venturing off the grid.

PhotobucketCarry a camelback and make camp near a fresh water supply, such as a river or stream. Just remember to purify drinking water from these sources before quenching your thirst.

PhotobucketHang your food from a tree to avoid dangerous encounters with wild animals.

PhotobucketLeaflets three, let it be! Learn to identify plants like poison ivy and poison oak and steer clear of them at all costs. An irritating rash is the last thing you want on your backcountry adventure.

PhotobucketIt’s inevitable that you’ll spend your weekend among insects, but these tips to keep bugs away will make their presence less of a nuisance.

PhotobucketBrainstorm some fun games and activities for evenings around the campfire. (Check out this list of free activities, many of which you can do in nature.)

Image: Nicholas_T