10 Uses for Cucumbers: The Cooling, Delicious and Surprisingly Useful Fruit

cucumber uses 

Cucumbers may be light in taste, but the benefits go above and beyond the humble appearance and mild flavor.  The cucumber is a nutrient-packed fruit (yes, fruit!) that not only makes you healthier, but may also make your life a whole lot easier. 

Highly nutritious, containing vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, the cucumber is nearly entirely comprised of water (95 percent). But there is more to this fruit than nutrition alone. It has a variety of uses that you may never have imagined. The following 10 unusual uses for cucumbers will surprise you.

1. Ward off Pests

To prevent slugs and other pests from ruining your garden plants place a few cucumber slices in an aluminum pie tin. Place the tin in the garden. The cucumber’s chemicals will react with the aluminum and create a scent that pests can’t bear. Humans are unable to detect the scent, so it’s a win-win method!

2. Get Rid of Cellulite

Cut a few slices of cucumber and rub them on areas of your body where you have cellulite. The phyto-chemicals in the cucumber tightens collagen, which reduces the appearance of cellulite and keeps your thighs and bum beach ready!

3. Avoid a Hangover of Headache

After a boozy night, eat a few slices of cucumber before bed to avoid a hangover. Cucumbers contain sugar, B vitamins, and electrolytes, which replenish your body and prevent your from becoming dehydrate and thirsty for nutrients.

4. Kill Bad Breath

If you have no gum or mints to spare, no fear! Place a slice of cucumber and keep it pressed to the roof of your mouth for a minute. Chew and swish the cucumber around your mouth before swallowing. The phyto-chemicals kill the odor-causing bacteria and leave your mouth fresh.

5. Stave off Hunger

Hungry but don’t want to take in excess calories? Cucumber’s water content will fill you up and hydrate you, while also providing essential electrolytes. This helps you stay charged midday without a rumbling tummy. Better yet, one medium cucumber only contains about 50 calories.

6. Prevent Fogging

Rub a slice of cucumber on mirrors and windows to prevent fogging. After a hot shower, the steam hitting the mirror also incites the release of a delightful cucumber scent.

7. Shine Shoes

To give your shoes a durable shine, rub a slice of cucumber over and around all the edges. The cucumber will also help the shoe become water resistant.

8. Treat Tapeworms

Cucumber seeds are known to be a natural home remedy to treat tapeworms. Grind the seeds into a powder and consume regularly to clear the intestinal tract. Cucumber seeds contain a toxic alkaloids that can treat hipoxanti type worms.

9. Relieve Sunburn or Fever

Rub cool cucumber slices on sunburned areas of your skin or on your forehead and chest when you have a fever. The cucumber provides a cooling sensation and a relaxing aroma to guide you through the discomfort.

10. Strengthen Hair and Nails

Cucumber contains silica, which is important in the healthy formation of hair and nails. Eat cucumbers regularly and feel your connective tissues get stronger.

Image Credit: Karenandbrademerson

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