10 Eco Links To Green Your Weekend # 2


Another week, another webful of useful green resources we are happy to share with you. Thanks to the following sites for great tips and finds:

1. The Daily Telegraph (via BoingBoing) tells us that reading can keep your heating bill down.

2. Laze your way to a greener lifestyle (or, How To Fully Engage A Man’s Interest In Environmentalism) – courtesy of John Tierney at Reader’s Digest.

3. It looks throwaway, but it most definitely is Not A Paper Cup: ingrained habit meets environmentalism and there is much rejoicing, via Josh Spear.

4. It seems that the alignment of the heavens has much to tell us about saving the planet. Since astrology has been around for thousands of years, we could have done with greenscopes a little earlier. (Umm…what?)

5. Is a wood-burning stove greener than a gas-fired one? Yes, by far, reports Vincent Standley over at National Geographic’s Green Guide.

6. The Worldchanging team aren’t interested in wringing their hands; they want to roll up their sleeves and get to work, exploring positive, proactive ways of improving the world with the tools we have. An inspiring read.

7. A new programme from Solar City looks set to bring truly affordable solar energy systems to our homes, reports Lisa Hymas at Grist.

8. Don’t cycle around lakes – inflate your wheels and go right across them, with the Pedalo-esque Amphibious Bicycle! Via Ecofriend.

9. Get the scoop on how to throw a green bash at Organic Mania.

10. Autumn Wiggins wants your help in defining the needs of eco-crafters so she can draft a petition for retailers – drop her a note at Crafting A Greener World.

Feel free to share your favorite links by leaving a comment.

Image: The Alieness

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