Steampunk Glam: 19 Moons Necklace Giveaway

19 moons

Arcane Angel Necklace

I love how the 19 Moons website writes of this necklace: “Fly through time with this original Steampunk necklace by 19 Moons!”

Cute. I want to, 19 Moons, I do!

This antique jewel watch is set in brass wings and hangs from a elegant vintage cable brass chain. 17 genuine rubies reveal the movements of its mechanical workings. Made from vintage materials, this eco-friendly piece can be your companion throughout time, and that’s something you might need when the world seems like it’s going to pieces around you.

Designer Niffer Desmond’s diverse background spans fifteen years in assemblage art, animation and jewelry design. Based in Pittsburgh, Desmond is inspired by Steampunk, Neo-Victorian and Industrial Design where “anachronistic technology and natural forms are juxtaposed to create creatures and emblems of fantastical realms. ”

“I find inspiration everywhere both in nature and the manmade,” Desmond says. “Organic forms like birds or rocks are on equal footing with perfect circles and squares of type-keys and clocks. Anything that visually sings! I also like the idea of giving old technology new life, appreciating it for its beauty as much as its former function.”

We like how you do all this, too, Niffer. Leave a comment below to be entered to win. For more details go here.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.