Xeriscaping 101: Eco Plants You Can't Kill


While I’ve never met a plant I didn’t love, succulents and air plants are favorites for their extraordinary variety, stunning forms and low consumption of water. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or believe you have a “black” thumb, these unique gems reward you with their ability to thrive as they bring an environmentally-friendly touch of the outdoors inside.

PhotobucketSurvival of the succulent

The same survival traits that allows them to prosper in dry, arid climates where nothing else will grow makes these gorgeous guys ideal as a greener choice for houseplants. Unlike most thirst guzzlers, they can thrive with very little water because of their ability to store water in their leaves, stems or roots. This same storage system helps give them their “chubby” appearance or succulence. They are in fact “juicy” but don’t be deceived by their voluptuous appearance. They’re also tough and long-lasting.


PhotobucketLiving on air

Air plants (tillandsias) grow magically without soil. They come in a wild array of
delicate and exotic shapes. Some air plants also flower at certain times of the
year. Tucking them into a container of stones, beach glass or sand creates
an instant indoor garden. All they require is filtered light, a spritz of
water a couple of times a week and a gentle upside-down shake to prevent
soggy bottoms.

Learn more about xeriscaping, succulents and eco-friendly gardening. And we’ll be taking a look at cacti and orchids soon, as well, so bookmark this post for updates.

Images: cattypumkinhead, VivaTerra