2010 Fashion Trends: A Round-Up of Seasonal Structures and Shapes


Stella McCartney Spring 2010 RTW

Identifying trends only draws attention to the need for the masses to fall in when comes to uniform chic, despite the artistic license we all have to strut our stuff with individual flair.

Eco-designers are out there, in more ways than one, often pushing the envelope with fabrics and structures, making the term trend less significant than the term evolved. So check out the nearest eco-boutique and find the sustainably designed must-have that best fits you, and your lifestyle.

Looking ahead to 2010 and back over some 2009 trends we predicted, a few fashion gems have stuck while others refreshingly, went away. While we don’t go in for every fast fad, we wouldn’t be a very good eco fashion blog if we didn’t keep you up to date on the best eco fashion trends, would we?

Totally Turquoise

While more mainstream neons and jewel tones seem to have usurped last year’s neutral tones, one color stands out most for 2010: turquoise.

Rifle through your jewelry drawer and find those chunky rings, beaded necklaces and vintage blouses with the cool blue hue and you’re sure to be the girl of the moment.


Cynthia Steffe Spring 2010

Corsets Galore

Corsets anyone? Designers love them this season and are pairing them with equally form-fitting bottoms for a tough look and feminine A-line skirts for a bit of romance.


Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010

Gilded Warrior

Were you going gaga for folk dresses and bohemian tops last year? Well my friend, strangely, we’ve gone from happy-go-lucky flower girls to hardcore warriors who dress like they’re angry about it.


Sass & Bide Spring/Summer 2010

Leather, not Pleather

Vegan? This is the year of the anti-green for you with leather being the skinny everywhere, from form-fitted turtlenecks to biker jackets.

Kate Moss

Any Denim Will Do

I feel ashamed to say anything about denim. I write this with a pair of ripped jeans on (and yes, distressed is still in) but my jeans are five years old and just happened to give way round the knees.

Do I have other pairs? Of course: organic denim leggings for under flowy tops and too short dresses, boot cuts to go over my signature Frye boots and pocketless skinny jeans to erase as much weight as possible off my hips and derriere.

Black, blue, grey, faded and torn are all in my drawers. Hey! I just listed the last 10 years of denim!


Oscar De La Renta Spring/Summer 2010

Play Clothes

Full skirts have been replaced with something even better: Short shorts, jumpsuits and playsuits! Get your Seventies on! (Note: tongue firmly planted in cheek.) Now, before you cringe, consider this romper from Prairie Underground. Of all the shows I’ve attended, this one stood out as a piece that might actually be doable, especially with the leggings underneath.


Prairie Underground’s Romp Around the Clock Spring 2010

Shoulder Pads Go Ultra Mod

Just when you thought the trend of shoulder pads was gone, some designer took acid and decided, “Let’s go Battlestar Galactica and put points on our shoulders,” (see warrior dressing also).

I was at a clothing swap recently and grabbed myself a really cute vintage, black blazer and it just happened to have shoulder pads. I tried to convince myself I could wear it but with broad shoulders I looked like an idiot. Designers, please: stop it with the pads!


From New York Magazine

Color Me Mine

One thing I love for 2010 is that you can fake it – dress like you know something about fashion and get away with knowing nothing.
Mix prints and funky graphics with florals and stripes, throw in some color and a long necklace or two and you’re likely going to be right on trend.

patterened pantsDries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten Spring 2010

Varsity Girl

One of the strangest trends looking forward is the “I want to be a high school boy in the locker room” look, or more formally, the “Sports Fashion Trend.”

Always wanted to wear a sport bra alone in public? How about football pants? Well, you’re in for some fun.

Raid your son’s football duffel bag for inspiration or go to the nearest tennis court and see how outfits might translate into street fashion. Tomboy cool? No thanks – I don’t need a jock strap to be hip.


Alexander Wang Spring 2010

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.