2015 Halloween Costume Ideas to Keep You Relevant (and Others Laughing)

2015 Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Keep You Relevant and Others Laughing

The year 2015 is on its way out, and has been quite the source of inspiration to all of us – food, fitness, and beauty trends are ablaze. But this month, the inspiration we get from 2015 for Halloween costumes is all that matters. The following 5 Halloween costume ideas are inspired by this year’s biggest people and events.

You can’t deny it: the most clever, envy-worthy, and funny Halloween costume ideas are often those that are relevant to the times, drawing on current pop culture topics and trends, political events, TV shows, and movies. The key to winning the Halloween costume popularity contest is to go beyond the classics (you can do better than the French maid, ladies), and to reflect who or what is in, right here and right now. From the presidential race to celebrity fails to viral sensations, the material we have to work with from 2015 is overwhelming, at worst.

5 Halloween costume ideas that keep you relevant

ariana grande

1. Ariana Grande and the Doughnut

Remember the doughnut incident? Ariana Grande was recorded licking a doughnut on the display counter at Wolfee Donuts in California. The video went viral and, well, now you’ve got yourself a potential Halloween costume. If you are going to a Halloween party as a couple, one of you needs to dress up like Ariana Grande and the other like a doughnut. For the Ariana ensemble, you’ll need to pull together a costume with all of the singer’s signature garments, such as matching cat ears, a romper, and knee-high boots paired with a dark ponytail wig and a mic. The doughnut costume is pretty straightforward – make or purchase it. If representing the theme solo, dress as Ariana Grande and carry a doughnut around, occasionally giving it a lick.

2. Cookie and Lucious from “Empire”

“Empire” has got to be the greatest television series to emerge in 2015. It follows the family drama and power struggle among music industry mogul Lucious, his ex-wife Cookie, and their children. If you’ve watched the show, you’ve likely yearned to have the opportunity to dress as fabulous as Cookie or as suave as Lucious. To pull a Cookie, put on heels, an animal-print dress, and a fur coat – the more outrageous, the better. For Lucious, put on your slickest suit and top it off with a fedora.

2015 Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Keep You Relevant and Others Laughing

3. Donald Trump

No one is being talked about more than billionaire and presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to mock his style and mannerisms. Halloween is not the time to be politically correct. Instead, it’s the perfect time to showcase just how honed you are at replicating Donald Trump’s smug pout, squinted and probing eyes, and side-combed hair. All you need is a suit and a Donald Trump wig. When you talk to people, point at them aggressively in the face. It’s your turn to do the firing.

4. Gay Marriage

One of the most historic and celebration-worthy events to have happened so far in 2015 is the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Use Halloween as an occasion to celebrate all over again. Deck yourself out in rainbow pride gear with a same-sex friend or significant other. You can also dress up in wedding gowns or tuxedos to emphasize the costumes even further.

taylor swift

5. Taylor Swift Squad

The you-can’t-sit-with-us crew of the year award goes to Taylor Swift and her close-knit celebrity entourage, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Lorde, among others. Gather your girlfriends and have each one of you channel her own Hollywood starlet who is on the squad. Dress in coordinating outfits, just like they do in the closing scene of Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video.

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