25 Ways to Be the Change


To paraphrase Gandhi, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. If you don’t do it, who will? We’re depending on you (yes, you!) to take the first steps to show everyone how it’s done. Are you up to the challenge? Here’s how you can be the change:

Be the Change in Your Relationships

-Communicate. If you’re serious about having profound and loving personal relationships, you have to learn about effective communication. One little-known tip is that listening is just as important as speaking. Check out Non-Violent Communication; it’s the best method I know for teaching the communication skills we never learned growing up.

-Be Honest. Lying never, ever pays off. You’ll know you did something wrong, and subconsciously so will your partner. Either be transparent with your partner or don’t do those things you’ll have to lie about.

-Own Up To Your Part. You are not a victim! You play a part in everything that happens in your relationship. Quit blaming others so you can get to the real nitty-gritty of communication, honesty, growth and love.

-Look in the Mirror. Do you always like what you see when you look at your loved ones? Remember, they are mirrors showing you parts of yourself. Keep this in mind when the emotional triggers are pulled, and use this information to help you develop more understanding and better connections with the people in your life.

-Study Tantra. It’s not all about sex, I swear, but it does make it better. Actually, Tantra teaches about self-love, masculine-feminine balance, and a profound spiritual connection with your partner and the world. Go on, try it.

Be the Change at Work

-Do What You Love. You’re not doing anyone any good by suffering at a job you hate. Take a risk and follow your heart. What have you got to lose but your chains? You’ll never regret being courageous. (Daring is not the same thing as irresponsible, so try to take calculated risks, not foolish ones.)

-Be of Service. Does your occupation contribute to making the world a better place? Enlightened connection with the world requires that we pursue positive and meaningful work, or we’ll just be pursuing empty, egoic dreams.

-Don’t Sell Your Soul for Money. Doing something you don’t feel good about just for the money ultimately crushes your soul. It’s always better to do the right thing. Imagine what the world would be if everybody did? But don’t feel guilty for being a career go-getter, either – you can use your position and money for the greater good.

-Know When to Take a Break. Or a Vacation. Burnout creates more stress, worse health, lower morale and less productivity. Why let yourself get to that point at all?

- Consider Work a Classroom. You spend so much time on the job, why not use the arising challenges as a chance to practice being present, compassionate and communicative? Learn to see your job as a springboard for your personal evolution.

Be the Change in Your Health

-Eat Consciously. It doesn’t matter so much what you eat as how you eat it, and why. Emotional eating drives us straight to empty foods, whereas self-love makes us want to treat our bodies in the best way. Are you feeding your human machine the finest superfoods, or are you filling up your old clunker with junk?

-Move Your Body. Dance, run, bike to the grocery store, do yard work, walk the dog, lift heavy boxes, stretch or do yoga. I don’t care what you do, just get up and do something! Give your heart a reason to pump blood!

- Eliminate Toxic Products. Consider every product you use in your house and on your body. Are they poisonous? Carcinogenic? Educate yourself about household and cosmetic chemicals and phase them out of your life forever.

-Heal All Your Bodies. It’s humbling to realize that your physical health is deeply intertwined with your emotional and mental health, too. This means you have to look at underlying issues when addressing physical symptoms. Be brave and don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper.

-Rest, Relaxation and Relief. Sound, sex, and breathing: there are so many wonderful ways to relieve stress. Use them!

Be the Change for the Environment

- Ride Your Bike. Or use public transportation as much as you can. Everybody’s transportation needs are different, but it’s important to set an intention to move yourself around in a healthier, more sustainable manner.

-Reduce Electronic Appliance Use. Turn out the lights when you leave the room, unplug appliances when not in use, enjoy evenings by candlelight, and sit outside under the summer moon. Instant bliss.

-Ask the Big Question. When making purchasing, lifestyle and household decisions, ask yourself “If everybody else did this too, what would the world be like?”

-Reduce. Reuse. Simplify. The simpler your needs, the less resources have to be taken from the environment to support them. Remember, Zen is in.

-Learn About Permaculture. It’s more than just an incredibly efficient way to garden; Permaculture principles can be applied to businesses and society in general. Self-sufficient and sustainable to the core – it’s the triple bottom line.

Be the Change in Your Self

-Don’t Be Afraid
of Therapy.
There are so many different ways to unravel your inner knots, it would be silly not to give them a try. Why reinvent the wheel and try to figure it all out yourself? Sometimes you need the help of someone with experience. Check out yoga therapy, sound therapy, and dance therapy in addition to traditional talk therapies.

-Meditate. Even if you don’t set aside time for seated or walking meditation, make an effort to be mindful and present in all that you do. That’s what’s called living me

-Be Creative. Keep a journal, carry a sketchbook, make jewelry, funkify your clothes, grow a garden – anything that puts your best energies into material form. The good of the world depends on your creative contributions.

-Maintain A Spiritual Connection. No matter what your faith, the world is sweeter and makes much more sense when you live by the belief that we are interconnected and essentially all One.

-Identify Your Purpose and Passion. Then let that purpose and passion guide your life. Follow your bliss!

How will you be the change today?

Image: Mayr

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