3 Ridiculously Easy Popcorn Recipes that Taste Incredible


When it comes to popcorn, I don’t need (or want) popcorn recipes that require me to read the fine print.

Sure, when the time calls, I’ll get super crafty and creative and turn my plain ol’ popcorn into something Pinterest worthy, but not when I’m 3 minutes away from curling up on my beloved couch and looking for a snack that takes my eager-to-lounge-not-luxuriate-over-details pace to heart.

But that doesn’t mean my popcorn has to be the same every time I make it. In fact, with just a few twists of the wrist and pinch of the fingers, popcorn can go from zero to hero. The following three easy popcorn recipes are testament to just that. Enjoy!

1. Chocolate Popcorn

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Melt your favorite chocolate bar (preferably 70 percent cacao or above) and drizzle over popcorn. Add a few dashes of cayenne for extra oomph. I find this popcorn fit for a chick flick or any movie that pulls at the emotional strings. Be still heart, chocolate is here.

2. “Cheesy” Popcorn

I make this version of popcorn when I’m feeling particularly peckish and incapable of controlling how much I’m munching (read: inhaling). Instead of using real cheese, I opt for something I know isn’t weighing me down as much but still provides the savory cheesy overtones I crave: nutritional yeast. Simply season the popcorn with garlic salt and nutritional yeast (excessively, if you must).

3. Gourmet Popcorn

Eh, not so gourmet, but the ingredients are high quality on this one and the result is nothing short of what you’d discover as a trendy restaurant’s rendition of complementary bread. Got a grater? Good. Take any cheese you have on hand, preferably a hard goat or sheep-based one, and grate it generously over warm popcorn. Season with salt, pepper, and dried thyme.

Aylin Erman is founder of GlowKitchen. There she shares step-by-step picture recipes of her plant-based creations. Aylin lives and works in Istanbul as a writer and editor at the country’s first-ever green-living and sustainability platform, Yesilist. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to keep up with food news and recipes.

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