3 Genius Ways to Save Big on Expensive Skin Care Treatments

3 Tips from a Pro on Getting the Healthiest Skin Possible

As a licensed aesthetician I always aim to help my clients achieve their healthiest skin possible, even when expensive skin care treatments don’t fit into the budget.

There are services and skin care treatments that should only be performed by a licensed aesthetician, while there are others that, with proper instruction and under the care of a licensed professional, consumers can do on themselves.

With the technology advancements today, consumers are given lots of choices to use gadgets at home that are highly effective and very safe. Keep up with your regular professional treatments, this is where you get the deep cleansing and exfoliation that you can’t–and shouldn’t–do at home. My suggestions below are to help maintain your skin in between the professional treatments, and also help stretch them out a little longer for those who don’t have the spare cash laying around for a recommended monthly treatment.

1. Gadgets

For my acne clients, I recommend a high frequency device to help keep their breakouts under control in between treatments. High frequency devices use argon gas to emit oxygen, killing the bacteria below the skin. Technology is now very safe and effective for home use with proper instruction and usage. And they are also very inexpensive, you can purchase one for as little at $35.

For my clients concerned with anti-aging, I recommend a Red LED, Microcurrent, and/or Microneedling. You get maximum benefits if you’re doing these treatments more frequently at home and they also increase the effectiveness of your professional treatments.  You’re not going to get results unless you use these devices on a regular and frequent basis, so if you purchase it, commit to it!  Use these devices 3-5 times a week to see noticeable results.

  • LED therapy stands for Light emitting diode (LED). The device emits specific wavelengths of light that provide a safe method of cell renewal. Infrared or red light is great for boosting collagen. Ideal for those who want to treat wrinkles as well as rosacea, scars, eczema, burns and psoriasis.
  • Microcurrent uses a very low level of current that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical pulses.  It works by mimicking the way the brain relays messages to the muscles and is used mainly for stimulating facial muscles to firm and tone. Microcurrent is best for aging or sagging skin to rebuilds and restore the natural curves of the face.
  • Microneedling with a .2mm or less is pain free and a highly effective at home procedure with no downtime and results are seen instantly. I developed my own Microneedling treatment program that stimulates collagen and significantly increases product absorption of active ingredients. Perfect for plumping, smoothing and hydrating skin while restoring collagen levels.  For needles larger than .25mm, I always recommend a professional.

2. Cleansers & Moisturizers

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive cleansers and moisturizers, save it for home care treatments and devices.


Purchase a cleanser that is pH balanced and has the right ingredients for your skin type. Avalon Organics Facial Cleansing Gel, Lavender Luminosity is a good inexpensive plant-based cleanser option for all skin types.  For those with more oily/acne prone skin, a cleanser with salicylic acid will help combat your oil production as well as kill the bacteria. My favorite is ClarityMD. I love this product, it’s super effective, results are seen in days, it doesn’t dry out your skin. $50 for a 6oz cleanser and a 2oz treatment gel.


Moisturizers are intended to occlude and protect your skin, they don’t really penetrate the epidermis. Save your money on expensive moisturizers and buy serums that have active ingredients for change you can really see and feel. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream with contains jojoba and other oils for intense moisture and jasmine and vitamin E for UV protection. A great moisturizer and even better deal at 3oz for $11!

Acne prone skin needs moisture too, if you skip this essential step, it will make your acne worse. If you dry your skin out too much, your skin will think it needs to produce more oil, only compounding your acne issues. Stick with a light water-based moisturizer and your skin will thank you. My recommendation is PCASkin Clearskin.  This moisturizer paired with the ClarityMD system mentioned above is the perfect combination of acne and oily skin types as it kills the bacteria and reduces inflammation while still hydrating the skin properly.

3. Exfoliation

Shaving your face is great for exfoliation, brightening, collagen stimulation, deeper product penetration, and smoother makeup application.  It instantly smoothes and brightens your complexion. It’s a quick, safe and easy to do at home with Tinkle women’s face shavers. After shaving, be sure to apply your serum of choice, I recommend my unique product: StackedSkincare EGF Activating Serum to boost collagen production post shave. Don’t forget to moisturize and apply SPF if you’re headed out for the day.

Shaving how to:  After cleansing, your face should be completely dry for optimal results.  Take the Tinkle face shaver and use small strokes to remove the dead skin and baby hair. I start at the bottom of my face and work in an upward direction. Note: Be careful around your eyebrows!

Anti aging tip: shave the back of your hands! Do this in the shower a couple of times a week and apply moisturizer to smooth out lines and hydrate. Don’t forget SPF if you’re headed out for the afternoon!

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Kerry Benjamin is an esthetician and skincare expert renowned for transforming troubled skin. Kerry’s advanced techniques allow her to develop individually tailored skincare regimens for her clients. She is also known for her signature treatment called StackedSkincare™, which she performs exclusively at her private oasis, Spa Benjamin in Santa Monica, California. For information on skincare and other tips visit www.kerrybenjamin.com.

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