3 Unique Cafes We Want to Stuff Our Faces At

Unique cafes are everywhere and you should visit them all.

It’s essentially summer. Do you know where you’re going to go on vacation? We do. All of these unique cafes. Why? Because they are magical, gorgeous, and serve damn fine food.

Unique cafe, Wes Anderson

Image: ‘s Instagram

1. Bar Luce

This Milan cafe was designed by Wes Anderson. Wes Anderson, people. The cafe has everything a die-hard Anderson fan could hope for: Perfectly pastel chairs and tables, intricate wall decor, and a “The Life Aquatic” pinball machine. Other cafe standouts include a jukebox, an insanely beautiful bathroom, and mouthwatering pastries. According to Buzzfeed, Anderson has described the establishment as the perfect place to write a movie.

Unique cages, Twede's

Image: Twede’s Cafe Facebook

2. Twede’s Cafe

“Twin Peaks” fans: this cafe is for you. Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, Wash. is best known for its fine cherry pie, and its damn fine cup of coffee. (Yes, it’s the cafe in the show.) Locals know it as the cafe that has been around for many years (since 1941, to be exact) and has endured numerous name changes, as well as a fire in 2000. The cafe boasts food made from scratch. Make sure to hit up this cafe soon because once the new “Twin Peaks” hits the “airwaves,” we’re betting it’s going to be packed.

Unique cafes, 66 Diner

Image: 66 Diner Facebook

3. 66 Diner

OK. This isn’t a cafe, really. But it is a diner and everyone knows that diners have personality in spades. Especially diners that reside on Route 66. The 66 Diner features classic 1950s charm and was recently listed as one of the diners that will “take you back in time.” The 66 Diner also serves up burgers and blue plate specials, and also features “Albuquerque’s best milkshakes” as well as a jukebox and a full soda fountain.

Have you been to any of these unique cafes? Are there any cafes or diners in your town that you think are swell? If so, list them in the comment section.

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