3 Unique Leggings You Should Wear to Make this Christian Blogger Uncomfortable

Unique leggings come in all shapes and sizes.

Oh, out-of-touch, Christian blogger – why must you hate leggings so much? We love them – especially unique leggings! And we’re betting most well-balanced Christians do, too.

Did you know that somewhere in Oregon, there is a Christian blogger and mom named Veronica Partridge who thinks leggings are lustful? After a lot of internal struggling (and a particularly awkward conversation with her husband about his thoughts on leggings) the blogger decided to eliminate leggings from her wardrobe.

Oof. First off, leggings are not lustful. They are a wardrobe must-have for those days when you’re feeling, well, less than able to fit into your pencil skirt, or high-waist jeans.

If you love wearing leggings as much as we do, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite, unique leggings that you can pull on and look stylish while feeling mega-comfortable.

Unique leggings that have a spooky touch.

1. For the gal who likes to lounge… on the dark side

These spooky, Ouija Board leggings are priced at $39.99 and come from Etsy shop ExileVintage. The shop owner prints atop American Apparel opaque leggings. I’ve been lusting after these unique leggings for about a year. I may need to give myself an early Valentine’s gift.

Unique leggings with a lacy touch.

2. For the gal who likes her leggings a bit sexy

I don’t think your significant other will mind if you decide to lounge in these leggings as they are anything but sloppy. These lacy leggings come from Free People and are priced at $48. They come in four saucy colors. Shield you eyes, Veronica.

These unique leggings are spacey.

3. For the gal who is out of this world

I adore anything that features the moon, stars, and planets, so I obviously dig the Galaxy’s Greatest Glow-in-the-Dark Leggings from ModCloth. They are priced at $52.99. While wearing them, think about the “Big Bang,” or something about evolution to really get under Partridge’s skin.

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