3 Tips to Create a Dining Room With a Charm


It’s all in the details. Crafted designs are a sure fire way to give your dining room a charming, old-fashioned appearance. You could start with a country-inspired table like the one below.

Embellish your dining room table and buffet with whimsical objet from eco-friendly sites like VivaTerra to subtly play up this warm style.

A stunning chandelier with vintage appeal will put the finishing touch on your antique décor scheme. Don’t make it match – mixing it up is better! Oly Studio is a fabulous source to find decorative lighting.

Perhaps most important of all, don’t be in a rush. A truly charming look comes from months and years of collecting special pieces – some new, some old, some borrowed, some…green. They don’t even have to match – if you love them, it will look right, as decor8 style maven and photographer Holly shows, top.