4 Celebrities We Wish Didn’t Follow Scientology

Why, oh why, must people follow Scientology.

Sure. We all know that Scientology has a back-story that would make for a great B-movie late night feature film. But the reality of Scientology is incredibly scary.

News outlets are never not covering Scientology, the religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Every year, another strange and disturbing nugget of information about the church is unearthed and reported to the public.

Recently, the LA Times reported that David Miscavige, the current head of the church, paid two private detectives the follow Miscavige’s 79-year-old father, Ronald Miscavige Sr. David Miscavige had has father followed because he feared his dad would divulge secrets about the church. (Ronald recently left the church.)

Also: Let us not forget all the creepy little details about the church’s abuse toward members in “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” the recently released HBO documentary.

After reading the Times story and watching “Going Clear,” EcoSalon staff felt we should pen a few short, open letters to some celebrities who practice Scientology and ask them what the hell they are thinking…

 1. Beck

Dammit, Beck. I’ve always loved your music but am heartbroken that you choose to follow a religion that hurts its members. Maybe you’re scared to quit the religion because its “powers-that-be” have gathered a lot of dirt about you — well, who cares if that stuff is released? After all, you used to do a lot of weird shit musically in the ’90s… We really don’t think anything the church could release would be any weirder…

2. John Travolta

John! John. We loved you in the ’70s and ’80s… And you killed it in the ’90s classic “Pulp Fiction”. But sometime in the 2000s you got to be a bit… much. And now, every time you make a miss-step (like stroking Idina Menzel’s face at the Oscars) it turns into a heaping pile of creepiness. We think that if you maybe decided to get out of the church, the public may be able to see you as good ol’ John again, and not creepy John.

3. Elisabeth Moss

We think you’re a great actress. And we love your portrayal as Peggy, a smart and sensible woman-about-town in the 1960s on “Mad Men.” Now, would sensible Peggy approve of Scientology? No. No she would not.  It’s time to think more like Peggy, Elisabeth.

4. Tom Cruise

Dude. We can’t even with all of the gross Scientology stuff swirling around about you. All we can say is that maybe, just maybe, if you put your ego aside and saw Scientology for what it really is, we would actually pay money to see your movies again.

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