4 Super Easy Modern Christmas Decor Ideas to Deck the Halls

Easy modern christmas decor ideas.

If over-the-top kitschy style Christmas decor is not for you, you may want to consider having a cool modern holiday instead.

For those not in the know, minimalism is the defining trait of modern style. Modern decor and design are about uncluttered, clean lines with an emphasis on form and function. Natural materials–like wood, wool, leather, and steel– are emphasized. Modern spaces also tend to be open with few rugs and include accessories that have a purpose. Modern Christmas decor may sound like an oxymoron, but the holidays do have a place in modern decor. Modern Christmas decor is unfussy, sleek, chic, and has an emphasis on the useful and practical.

It should be noted that modern decor is distinct from contemporary decor. Modern refers to a period of time; it is a design style that was created in the mid-twentieth century. It is a defined style that is fixed in time, and modern actually refers to “Mid-Century Modern.” On the other hand, contemporary design and decor are ever-changing, as they are of the moment.

Looking for a modern styled holiday? Read on for some modern Christmas decor trends and ideas.

Modern Christmas Decor Ideas

Easy modern christmas decor ideas.

Image: West Elm

1. White Christmas – Consider all white Christmas decor for the modern look. If you already have some Christmas decorations, then try spray painting them matte white instead of buying new stuff. Add other all white twists, like a white star garland and white, felted stockings.

Easy modern christmas decor ideas.

Image: Blackboard with Lights via Shutterstock

2. Black and White – The simplicity of black and white decor is tres modern. Use the color scheme to keep your Christmas decor in check and not too fussy. Try adding a blackboard marquee, on which to scrawl a message of good cheer, along with some simple white lights and brown paper wrapped presents for a modern take.

Easy modern christmas decor ideas.

Image: Pottery Barn

3. Metallic – Metallics are a staple of modern decor. For modern Christmas decor, forgo the cut tree and instead try adding metallic trees and other holiday tchotchkes. Just don’t overboard with the metal theme, that wouldn’t be in keeping with fundamentals of modern decor. Add greenery to add balance to the metal.

Easy modern christmas decor ideas.

Image: Crate & Barrel

4. Wood – Wood adds warmth to the somewhat cooler modern decor, and you can get the same effect with laser-cut wooden Christmas decorations. Combine with white lights and fake snow for a perfectly modern, yet charming, take on Christmas decor.

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