4 Tips to Thank You Note Perfection

Thank You Note Perfection: 4 Tips to Nailing This Essential Task

If you’ve ever blown off sending a thank you note, you are not alone. Master the task and cast your shame aside for good.

You know you should. Your Mother told you to do it. Your intentions are good. But you always seem to drop the ball on thank you notes.

Join the club.

Other than birthday cards or notes to Grandma, most of us are not big on hand written notes these days. Even email is taking a back seat to other forms of instant communication.

The written letter may be a lost art. But you know what’s still hot and always will be? Hand written thank you notes.

There is something impersonal and even inadequate seeming about a thank you email. And thank you texts? Letitia Baldrige would have hit the hizzy on those, for sure.

In order to properly thank someone, going old school is an absolute must. As in, pen and paper.

4 Tips to Thank You Note Perfection

1 Card Stock // Having thank you note essentials on hand means no procrastinating and timely thanking. Fire those babies out rapid speed (like, when you get home from the party, interview, what have you) to avoid future self-shaming over not getting someone thanked. This is as simple as stocking up on pretty note cards and stamps. One more thing: If you have blown off the thank you for what seems an embarrassing amount of time, send it anyway. Truly, better late than never.

2 Details, Details // Generic thank you notes are not only boring, they border on rude. A personalized note speaks volumes. Mention the event and something you spoke about, talk about the gift and how you will use it, tell them that you are looking forward to seeing them at a specific time and place in the future. A little charm goes a long way here.

3 Short Hand // Writing not exactly your favorite pastime? We are not taking a four page letter here. That blank note card still staring up at you? This is where a template may come in handy. No, it’s not cheating. Even those of us who love to write need prompting sometimes. Experts in all things communicado, Hallmark has a handy dandy template just for, you guessed it, writing the best ever thank you notes.

4 Seal the Deal // Yes, a thank you note is often fitting even if you’ve thanked in person. A follow up thank you note is suitable post job interview, when someone has thrown a party in your honor, when you receive a gift not in the presence of the giver, etc. If Mom gives you a bundt cake or close friends have you to dinner every other weekend, forgoing a formal note is probably acceptable. Tip: When in doubt as to whether to send a note, send the note.

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