4 Ways to Face Your Fears (and Subsequently Find Yourself)

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Learning to face your fears is a big step in self-discovery.

Fear is a strange emotion. Being scared is positive when the emotion “tells” you to steer clear of a potentially dangerous situation. But sometimes, fear is just plain annoying.

Fear can rear its ugly head at the most unpleasant times. For example: Sometimes when I’m in a big crowd, I totally lose it. Although I love going out, I sometimes get freaked at the thought of all the beating hearts surrounding me. So, how can we learn to respect and embrace fears? Well, with a little practice (and taking the time you need to find yourself and know your triggers) you can kinda become friends with your fear, or at least, just learn how to face your fears.

1. Breath and chill out

Whenever you are about to embark on a journey or do a task that makes you feel scared, just take a deep breath, breathe out the fear and tell your brain to “Chill, baby. Chill.” Once you’re thinking a tad more clearly, ask yourself why you’re afraid and if the fear really merits you to back off. Basically, are you in any real physical danger? If so, retreat! If not, it’s time to think some more. Can you do this task and learn something along the way? Possibly come out for the better and learn something about your mind, or find yourself? If so, maybe you should embrace fear and conquer it.

2. Once you know it, ask it to stay for a while

Spending some time with your fear (aka thinking about it) can really help put it into perspective. It also will allow you to create a “take action” plan. Once you have a plan in place that will allow you to tackle your fear rationally, then you’ll start to see that perhaps, your fear is not as scary as you once thought.

3. Think positive

Now I used to balk at this idea for the longest time. But honestly, since I’ve embraced the “this is totes going to be OK,” vibe, I’ve been more adventurous and confident.

4. Remember that time…

If you’re having a hard time dealing with one fear, just remind yourself of the time that you did conquer that one fear that you are so over now. Reminding yourself of all the battles you’ve won in the past can help you get your spirits up for the battle you’re about to face.

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