4 Ways to Have Good Manners in This Mannerless World

Manners reminder

Do you remember what good manners are?

Good manners: those basic guidelines people used to follow that made subsisting in public bearable… Yeah, those days are gone. OK, I’m acting a tad dramatic. Good manners aren’t gone, but often times, mannerly actions are forgotten or bypassed because of various distractions (ahem, smartphones) and our modern need to get things done, like, yesterday.

So, how can a nice lady have good manners in this mannerless world? The following 4 pieces of advice may help you keep calm and kind while you’re out and about in the big bad world.

1. Treat that idiot… I mean co-worker… like you’d treat your beloved grandma

There’s always one person at work, or even a friend or family member, who knows how to get under your skin. Next time you have an encounter with this aggressive soul, try to think of them as your grandma. Once you start thinking of the beloved woman who used to make fresh cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning, it’s truly difficult to lash out at this individual in a mannerless way.

2. Put away the phone when you can

Sure, we all want to have our smartphone on us if we’re waiting for an important call, but most of the time that glowing screen is just a distraction. Sadly, we’ve all become so accustomed to tapping on our phone’s screens that we often ignore everything around us. Here’s some basic phone etiquette: When you can, put your phone on silent and put it away when you’re with friends or family. No one likes to feel like they are less important than a phone. If you need to take a call, always try to duck away. And if you’re at a concert, show, or event – don’t text. Nothing makes a performer feel less important than an audience that’s looking at their hands rather than at the show.

3. Stay present

If you’re anything like me, I bet you spend a lot of your days thinking about what you have to do. Next time you catch yourself in that never-ending thought death spiral, start to look around. Do you see someone who needs help? Perhaps a guy who needs help opening a door? A co-worker who needs to talk? Sometimes, just pausing and taking in what’s around you can help you get better in touch with others and in turn, may improve your manners in the process.

4. Listen

Have you ever found yourself meeting with a good friend and you start talking? Then, miraculously, 30 minutes have passed and your buddy hasn’t said a damn thing. Next time you meet with your good friend just listen to what she has to say. Sometimes being the one that just sits and listens is incredibly rewarding. Also: it’ll show that you have good manners.

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