4 Ways to Reduce Common, Everyday Anxiety

You can bust up everday anxiety easily.

Although your life isn’t going to naturally just chill out, you can begin to move a bit slower and calm the hell down. “How can I calm down when I have so much to do?” you may ask. It’s easier than you may think. That’s why we’ve rounded up 4 quick tips to help you reduce common, everyday anxiety.

Do you dream about your to-do list? Obsess over due dates that are more than a week away? If so, then congrats! You’re just like every other hard-working woman. But everyday anxiety doesn’t have to get the best of you.

1. Plan for a chill morning

Nothing will make your day stink more than a hectic morning. We all know it’s impossible to plan for all the stuff that will throw you off in the morning, you can plan ahead to eliminate stressful issues. Luckily, our sister website, Organic Authority, has a few articles that will help you get your mornings on track before everyday anxiety has a chance to kick in:

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2. Take a time out

Just walk away. Or seclude yourself in a corner and breath slowly. Who cares what everyone else thinks — when you need a time out, you need it now.

Our lives are so darn busy that it’s easy to just let the stressful energy of the day propel us from bed to our 9-to-5 and back to bed again. Taking a few minutes throughout the day, everyday, can help you reconnect with your body and feelings. Don’t forget that your body and your brain are your besties — don’t ignore ‘em.

3. Yoga it up

While you may not have time to do a full, mind-and-body-connected yoga session during the workday, you can strike a pose here and there. The Daily Makeover has a list of six yoga poses that can help alleviate stress.

4. Eat well

When you feel miserable, your life will get more miserable. And nothing will make you feel more miserable than a crumby diet. Now, you don’t have to swear of all pre-packaged food and candy for life, but you can make better food choices throughout the day to enhance your energy, which can help you beat everyday anxiety.

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