Moody? PMSing? Just Plain Annoyed? 5 Ways to Kick It

For some of us, a bad mood crawls up your spine unnoticed until you’re glaring at your significant other for a reason you can’t remember. Was it eating the last of the bread? Never mind that this was your week to skip eating bread – you were going to have the whole grain couscous anyway. But what if you wanted a slice with apricot jam on it? Couldn’t your significant other have just asked if you were going to have a slice of apricot jam and bread? (As we reach for the tray of brownies and call it a day.)

If you’ve ever felt just inexplicably moody, there are healthier ways to deal with it than lashing out through pastry. Some estimate that as many as 40 million women in the United States deal with PMS symptoms, of which moodiness if often the forefront warning sign. And by “moodiness,” these symptoms are specifically irritability, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, weeping, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, insomnia, low energy, aggression, poor coordination, clumsiness, and changes to libido. Yep, it’s not just in your head.

And sometimes, it’s not PMS. Sometimes, we’re male or we’re just moody. But whether male or female, it’s never fun for the sufferer and, perchance, those he or she makes suffer around her. So what to do about it?

Exercise. Stress = moodiness. The Mayo Clinic calls it “meditation in motion.” When you’re focused on your body’s movements, it is much easier to forget about what is bothering you. Your endorphins will rise and your mood will follow.

Be gentle with yourself. Know what can make a bad mood much worse? Just about any negative thought that can enter your head, which is already low of defenses. Next time you feel yourself spiraling, take a moment and just breathe. Ask these two questions. Will this bother me tomorrow? Is this worth stressing out my brain and body? Maybe the issue at hand won’t kill ya, but the stress you feel could down the road.

Let others knows if it’s a bad time/day/week. Apparently, communication is key to a healthy relationship. Who knew? So rather than lashing out at your significant other over whatever ineptitudes you feel are his and his alone, take a moment to tell him or her that you’re not quite feeling up to bar. Usually, you’ll get a nod of understanding and perhaps a gentler tone. No one likes to be a punching bag.

Have a moody day map. It’s so simple it sounds like something out of Sesame Street. Feel like things are getting to be too much? Stand up from the computer. Walk outside. Breathe. And repeat. There’s nothing like a minor change of scenery that can help brighten things up.

Eat well. Eating better can certainly help with your mood. Via Healthline, turn to whole grains to help regulate the body’s sugar levels. Think about foods rich in Omega-3s (like fish) to help with inflammation and depression.Click here for more nutritional tips. (And, as always, consult a doctor if taking any vitamins or supplements.)

And if none of that works? There’s always kittens on a slide.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.