5 Cute Athleisure Pieces for the Gal Who Loves to Eat and Run: Friday Finds

Cute athleisure is perfect for a post-workout coffee.

Athleisure is having quite the moment. And I guess we’re not surprised. I mean, why wouldn’t people leap at the chance to wear clothes that look attractive and feel comfortable? To help you get a jump on this continuing trend, we’ve rounded up 5 cute athleisure pieces you can wear from brunch to the gym.

Cute athleisure's grandmother was leggings. And they are still popular.

1. Printed leggings

Perhaps the reason athleisure is doing so well is because women have been wearing leggings as pants for the past decade or so. While some think this look is sloppy, I’ve got to admit—I love it. Which leads me to this piece: colorful leggings! These leggings are perfect for the woman who loves running, biking—whatever. They feature a two-way stretch fabric that gives where you need it to. Pair with a sports bra and a loose, mesh shirt if you want to hit up your favorite breakfast place before hitting the pavement. Priced at $86.

Cute athleisure comes in all cuts. Case in point: shorts.

2. Elastic shorts

Let’s be honest—most workout shorts are cuter than regular shorts. And the shorts pictured above? Well, they are the cutest pair of shorts we’ve seen in a long while. These bottoms feature a summery palm print and are perfect for people who love to cycle—they are officially biker shorts. Priced at $48.

Cute athleisure is a comfortable alternative to typical pants.

3. Foldover joggers

Summer days aren’t always hot, hot, hot. So, if your city experiences a surprise cool snap, we suggest wearing these sweatpants for light stretching, or a post-workout mimosa session. These joggers are made of cotton knit and have pull-on styling. Priced at $128.

Who says cute athleisure can't include running shoes.

4. Running shoes

Running shoes don’t have to be ugly—we swear. Proof? These beautiful blue-green shoes made by Stella McCartney and Adidas. These mesh shoes are perfect to wear for active days—like when you have to constantly sprint back and forth across town. Priced at $160.

Cute athleisure that can handle the court and brunch.

5. Tennis dress

Why not invest in a dress that can go from court to the local bar? It features a built-in bra, pullover styling, and is made in America. And while the dress’ styling and coloring is…subtle? You can easily accessorize the heck out of it. So, go ahead and strap on your colorful athletic shoes and hit the bricks. Priced at $126.

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