5 Different Brunch Outfits to Fit Every Occasion: Friday Finds

There are so many different type of brunch outfits to choose from.

Brunch is the best meal of the day, but most restaurants only serve it twice a week. Because this amazing meal isn’t served as frequently as many of us may like, I think it’s important to treat brunch like an occasion. And what does every occasion need? An outfit! To help you dress for this weekly event, we’ve rounded up 5 brunch outfits that are mimosa-ready.

Brunch outfits, dress

Brunch outfits, shoes

1. The Meet the In-Laws Outfit

Want to make a great impression before you inevitably get in a Thanksgiving day fight with your new in-laws? We’ve got just the outfit for that brunch. This beautiful dress is detailed with flowers of varying hues and features a slim, pencil silhouette ($298). Pair this dress with these subtly funky shoes ($475) and you’ll, at the very least, look polished.

Brunch outfits, top

Brunch outfits, jeans

2. The Long-Term Relationship Outfit

Overt sexiness isn’t the first thing you look for in an outfit when picking out date clothing after you’ve been with someone for over a year. But you still want to look good… The above pieces will help you achieve that look. The jeans ($148) featured above are flared and have a comfortable fit, but still have plenty of style. Pair with this sultry top ($38) to make a subtly sexy outfit perfect for mid-morning noshing.

Brunch outfits, sweater

Brunch outfits, skirt

3. The Hungover with Your Best Friend Outfit

This person has seen you at your worst — aka with your head plastered on a random person’s bathroom floor. So, if you’re a tad hungover from last night, this person gets it. Don’t try too hard to look great for your friend, but do change into something that doesn’t smell like booze. A good option? This simple, loose-fit outfit. This sweater crop top is priced at $9.99 and this cute skirt — note the elastic waistband — is only $22.49. Now, get that cheesy omelette and let the healing begin.

Brunch outfits, sunglasses

Brunch outfits, one-piece

4. The Brunch with Your Fashionable Crew Outfit

Everyone has a few friends who are fashion mavens. You like going out with them because with this crew, you can wear any trendy fashion. Make your well-dressed gal pals a bit jealous of your look by wearing this hemp, cotton one-piece ($148) and these retro brunch sunglasses ($58).

Brunch outfits, dress

Brunch outfits. hair

5. The Third-Date Brunch

By now, you’re probably spending a lot of time with your soon-to-be significant other. That means: brunch and a day at the park. You want to feel cute and comfortable. Maintain both of those must-have feels by wearing this simple, swing dress ($158) and having a few hair ties ($15) on hand in case the wind picks up — or if you’re leaning in for a kiss sesh.

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