5 Funky Fashion Pieces that Nod to the Purple One: Friday Finds

The many faces of Prince's funky fashions.

While Prince has passed to the next funky dimension, his music and fashion legacy continue. This week we’ve rounded up 5 funky fashion pieces you can wear whenever you want to channel some of Prince’s sexy, fashion greatness.

Fashion pieces that are funky can include structured, '70s jackets.

1. Funky late-‘70s jacket

Prince has been a fashionable man since he began making music. Case in point: this Prince photo shoot in 1977. While we love everything going on in this shoot, we are specifically smitten with Prince’s jacket. The above washed blazer is priced at $148. While it doesn’t feature Prince’s jacket’s gorgeous collar, its buttons and structure are reminiscent of something the Purple One would have considered wearing.

Collecting funky pieces? Better get a bodysuit.

2. Funky bodysuit

Prince was very good at turning heads with his fashion choices. Those assless pants? That leather thong? All glorious and so very Prince. So, why don’t you turn heads this summer by just wearing this shimmery, purple bodysuit? This piece will leave you a bit more covered up than Prince, but you’ll still get across the message that you are fierce and will wear whatever you want. Priced at $58.

Collecting funky pieces? You need a pair of heels.

3. Funky heels

Prince knew the power a pair of heels could have. So, he wore them without shame. Be like Prince and wear a pair of purple heels whenever you can this summer. You’ll be amazed at the power you feel when you wear them while grocery shopping. Priced at $69.95.

Blouses make funky pieces if they are correctly styled.

4. Funky blouse

Prince loved blouses. So much so that Dave Chappelle made a skit about Prince and his propensity for flowy tops. Well, we get why the Artist wore blouses—they look really polished… and can be unbuttoned so effortlessly. This purple blouse with a subtle tie is priced at $98.

Your “funky pieces” collection needs a pair of amazing sunglasses.

5. Funky sunglasses

Prince was very good at wearing sunglasses inside. So much so that whenever we saw him donning a pair of circle frames, all we could think was, “damn where did he get those,” rather than “why is he wearing sunglasses inside?” Be like Prince and get this pair of circle sunglasses. You can wear these all year and at $20 the price is right.

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