5 Good Reasons for Being Bored

A girl who is bored

Has anyone ever made fun of you for being bored?

Do friends or family members chide you for having a chill weekend where you don’t do much besides enjoy a few drinks on your porch while reading a new, totally trashy but enthralling novel? I’m a pretty easy target for this because A) I love sitting on my porch, and B) I adore reading and watching anything that’s deemed trashy.

But being a sometimes homebody is awesome and good for you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love going to shows, music hunting and taking day trips, but my social calendar is not nearly as full as some would find acceptable. But apparently, my boring personality streak isn’t so terrible. Doing nothing is good for you and can improve your life. Don’t believe me? No worries — I’ve rounded up 5 reasons why it’s totally fine and healthy for being bored.

1. Doing nothing can keep you in the moment

Can you not stop thinking about all the projects you have to finish by July 1? Don’t worry about it – at least for now. If you’re doing nothing this weekend, take some time to learn how to tune in to your inner self. When you live in the moment, time kinda slows down and allows you to prioritize. So, while you’re in the moment, think about what stuff you can cut out of your life that eats up your time, and restrains you from doing the things that truly make you happy and are good for you.

2. Boredom = time to finger paint

OK, you don’t have to finger paint, necessarily. But being bored can help you think in a more creative way. Heck, I started my most recent music project on a weekend where I had nothing to do. Getting back in touch with my musical side made me feel incredibly invigorated and ready to tackle my writing assignments when the workweek started.

3. When you don’t have anything to do, you can get creative in the kitchen

If I have a few free hours, I always like to make a really detailed meal. Trying new recipes that are full of fresh, local ingredients is fun even if they turn out to be flops.

4. Boredom allows you to Treat Yo Self

Thank you, Donna, from “Parks and Recreation,” for creating “Treat Yo Self Day.” If you find yourself bored with nothing to do, take some time to do all those things you love to do without shame. Want to take a two-hour-long bath filled with essential oils? Treat yo self. Want to finish the second season of “Orange is the New Black?” Go ahead — treat yo self! While, sure, you don’t want to make a habit of binge-watching television, doing it every so often is fun and much deserved because you work hard.

5. Boredom allows you to just be

If you’re bored, just try to be. Take in your surroundings and try to appreciate this basic fact – you are alive. Now, that’s something that is absolutely not boring, and, technically, good for you, right?

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