5 Green Summer Camps for Nature-Loving Kids & Teens


School’s out for summer! But you can still further your child’s education in the off-season by sending him or her off to an eco-friendly summer camp. What could be better than experiencing the great outdoors firsthand while learning how to preserve nature via fun activities shared with friends? Here are five environmentally focused summer camps that will have your kids running with glee for the green hills!


Located near Seattle, WA on Bainbridge Island, the 225 acres of natural habitat at Islandwood offer an ideal backdrop for children to learn about the environment. Children from age four, up to teenagers in 12th grade, will reap all the rewards of attending the half-day, all-day or sleepover camp programs at Islandwood. Activities range from gardening, storytime in the forest, and exploration of critters and creatures to backpacking excursions, and learning how to cook using nature’s finest ingredients. Learn more about Islandwood here.

Maine Audubon

The Gilsland Farm Audubon in Maine features a modern environmental center and “a 65-acre sanctuary with more than two miles of trails winding along a pond and through woods, meadow, orchard and salt marsh.” Summer camp sessions for preschoolers to kids age 11, include opportunities to learn about wetlands, forests, wildlife and bodies of water.

Plantation Farm Camp

A farm situated on 500 acres in the coastal Sonoma redwoods in California is the setting for Plantation Farm Camp, which offers the quintessential summer camp experience for kids who want to learn how to work with farm animals by shearing sheep, milking cows, and feeding the chickens. Bareback horse riding and canoeing are also some of the 50 options children may choose from to tailor their unique experience based on their interests. There’s also a family camp program available that the entire family may enjoy together.

Camp Ecology

Located in Aspen, Colorado, Camp Ecology is a nature camp which teaches kids how to care for the environment. Science projects, eco games and crafts, hiking, exploring, good old-fashioned camping skills and overnight campouts are all on the roster, which is designed to engage kids in the outdoors and make them feel at home in the wilderness.

Girls Go Green

Girls Go Green is a live-in, week long summer camp program in Missouri created for high school aged women. This camp gives young women the opportunity to explore careers that both protect the environment and help society. Campers will learn about the science and engineering that are the foundation of building a green environment, including researching the safety of nuclear energy, and delving into topics including global warming and waste-water related issues.

Check here for a list of many more green summer camps that may be closer to your neck of the woods!

Image: Islandwood