5 Natural Beauty Products You Can Use 3 Ways—Or More

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Gone are the days where women carried around large vanity cases, filled to the brim with toxic potions and lotions. These days, it’s all about natural beauty, and we look for compactness and convenience. Nobody has time to spend hours in front of the mirror—we have embraced a more natural style of beauty and have really taken to the idea that less is more (for personal and environmental reasons). Hence, the rise of the coveted multitasker. Most of us own products that color up both lips and cheeks, but here’s a roundup of products that offer even more flexibility. 

RMS Living Luminizer

Miranda Kerr swears by this organic beauty brand, so if that’s not an endorsement, we don’t know what is! This dewy balm promises to give you model-esque skin without the toxins. You can use it on your cheek bones, brow bones, nose, bow of the lips or eyelids, to give a healthy glow (without looking too glossy or sparkly!) You can also use it as a lip gloss (or blend it with lipstick) and even pop it on your shoulders at night for some shimmer.

Bottle of beauty oil

De Mamiel Facial Oil

The De Mamiel Winter Facial Oil is designed for the cooler months, but can be used all year round (or you can indulge in one of their other seasonal serums). It is designed to provide nourishment for skin in need of moisture—well-hydrated skin is one of the keys to natural beauty— and incorporates Flower Essences for potency. You can massage it into skin before your moisturizer for ultimate hydration, massage it onto your acupuncture points for calmness and vitality or pop a few drops in hot water, which you can use to steam your skin for a well deserved ‘at home’ facial.

Revolution Organics Beauty Balm

This beautiful balm is 100% natural and created with 85% organic ingredients. It calls itself an all over body balm which can be used on lips, cheeks and decolletage. It comes in three exciting colors (Blushed, Bronzed and Sunkissed) with just a hint of tint for a radiant glow. With the more natural products, you can have more confidence to also use it as a wash of eye color too. The bronzed hue is well suited to creating a dewy, natural eye for the ultimate fresh-faced look.

Tube of lip balm

Lanolips 101 Ointment

This little gem has won a multitude of awards for being an amazing lip balm, but it doesn’t end there! It can also be used for dry skin, dry nasal passages and cuticles. When your nails are ravaged from too many manicures, the Lanolips Ointment gives nails a nourishing boost You can also mix it with lip color for a glossy shine that isn’t at all sticky. Lanolin is the main ingredient in this product (yes- the same substance taken from freshly cut sheep’s wool) and is completely natural, though not vegan.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is not always billed as a natural beauty product in its own right, but it is one of the most versatile around. It can be used as a facel and body moisturizer, makeup remover (including for eye makeup), pre-conditioner for hair, and soap alternative for the shower. By blending a little of this miracle oil between your fingers, you can also use it as a cheek and eye gloss for a dewy glow that lasts for hours. Contrary to popular belief, it also offers some SPF protection so is actually perfect to slather on in the sun. It’s often infused in other beauty products but shouldn’t be overlooked on its own.

Images: Lanolips, De Mamiel, Luis Calcada

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