5 Outfit Essentials You Can Re-Wear All Summer: Friday Finds

Outfit essentials are needed to make it through any season.

Want to slim down your wardrobe? Just stick to essential pieces of clothing. Sure, it’s fun to buy a trend piece every so often, but it’s the minimal pieces that can carry you through the season. The following 5 outfit essentials are the perfect staple pieces that can get you through the entire summer.

Slip ons are one of the outfit essentials you need to get through summer comfortably.

1. Slip-on shoes

Summer is the season for making last-minute plans and rushing out the door to hang with your friends. What do last-minute plans require? Slip-on shoes that go with any outfit. The above pair of slip-ons are simple, feature one, solid color, and can be dressed up—to a point. This pair is made with pebbled leather. Priced at $78.

A wardrobe full of outfit essentials should always include a denim dress.

2. Denim dress

Every fashionable woman needs a classic denim dress to get through the summer and into the fall. This darling, strapless dress will go with any accessory you have—strappy sandals, tennis shoes, platforms, big or small bags—seriously, it works with anything. Priced at $69.95.

Everyone needs a t-shirt in their outfit essentials.

3. Staple t-shirt

There’s just something magical about a plain t-shirt. This type of shirt’s simple design makes it extremely comfortable, easy to pair with any shorts, skirt, or jeans, and the more you wear it, the softer it gets. We picked a simple, black t-shirt because it hides picnic and wine stains well—other summer essentials. Priced at $48.

Bring all your outfit essentials with you in a weekend duffle bag.

4. Weekend duffle bag

Summer is the time to go away on weekend trips. To make picking up and leaving easy, it’s smart to invest in an all-purpose weekend duffle bag. We love this bag’s shiny color and roomy inside. It has four inner and outer pockets and a zip top. Priced at $145.

Outfit essentials can extend to the beach, too. That's why we love this cover-up.

5. Swimsuit cover-up

Beach and lake cookouts are fun, but if you’re going to one a week, you’re going to want some kind of swimsuit cover-up to protect your tender skin from the sun’s rays in-between swim sessions. We like this cover-up because its pattern is simple, the legs are roomy, and it can easily fit any body type. Priced at $59.50.

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