5 Pairs of Cute Over-the-Knee Socks to Keep Your Tootsies Warm: Friday Finds

These cute over-the-knee socks are comfy.

Burr. As I sit here typing this, I’ve got on a pair of thick tights, a sweater, and over-the-knee socks. This is the kind of weather I live for. To celebrate that special, seasonal chill in the air, we’re rounding up 5 pairs of over-the-knee socks that will keep your lower extremities warm.

Cute over-the-knee socks, ruffle

1. Fidler Tall Sock

This olive pair of socks features a flirty, fun top. If it’s a mild day, wear these socks alone, paired with a mini skirt, moto jacket, and cap. If it’s cold, wear them over a thick pair of tights for extra warmth. While these socks can be worn on any occasion, we suggest breaking them out for first dates and your totally chill best friend’s wedding. Priced at $28 from Free People.

Cute over-the-knee socks, blue

2. Aran Thigh-High Sock

These adorable thigh-high socks are cute as heck, and will add flair to any winter outfit. We’d pair these with winter whites, or a rich, mustard hue. While you could easily rock these with a skirt (we’re pretty sure that’s how they’re made to be worn), you could also layer them under a pair of wide-legged bell bottoms, or a winter maxi dress for a flirty affect. Priced at $28 from Free People.

Cute over-the-knee socks, cozy

3. Hailey Cable Over the Knee Sock

Looking for a relatively quirky pair of socks that are thick, comfy, and made for watching television or reading all day? These are those socks. Pair with some leggings and an over-sized tunic for optimal comfort. Priced at $32 from Free People.

Cute over-the-knee socks, contrast

4. Ruffled Cable Over-The-Knee Socks

If you adore contrast, we suggest adding these socks to your sock drawer. While, yes, the bottom part of these socks will remain hidden by your boot of choice for the day, the top part gives these socks just enough of an explanation to catch eyes. Priced at $24 from Anthropologie.

Cute over-the-knee socks, shimmer

5, Shimmered Over-The-Knee Socks

If you want to make a splash at this year’s holiday parties, these socks are splash-worthy. We love how these socks are shimmery all over and feature two, cool colors — green and silver. Priced at $29.50 from Anthropologie.

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