5 Pieces of Cute Workout Wear to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution: Friday Finds

Cute workout wear to meet your healthy resolution? Check.

The most uttered New Year’s resolution ‘round the world is most likely the desire to stay in shape. Sure, that resolution isn’t hard to keep, but it sure is a lot easier when you’re armed with cute workout wear.

cute workout wear, turtleneck

1. Get Movin’ Smooth Turtleneck

Let’s face it – it’s cold outside. When it’s cold, it’s even more difficult to convince yourself that staying on the couch is a very bad idea. Help combat the desire to feel eternally snugly by getting a workout shirt that can be layered. This turtleneck can easily serve as a base top — great for layering and moving outside. Priced at $78.

Cute workout wear, bra

2. Shimmered Performance Bra

Never underestimate the power of a great sports bra. While this bra doesn’t have mystical powers, it sure shimmers like it does. In addition to featuring sparkle and sass, it also has nylon, spandex, and a supportive lycra lining, as well as removable padding. Wear it on the trail or the treadmill. Priced at $73.

Cute workout wear, leggings

3. Aquaflora Leggings

Want your workout wear to resemble the season that’s known for life, rebirth, and budding flowers? Then these leggings are for you. This pair of leggings is covered with a beautiful floral print. Perfect for the gym or the yoga studio. Priced at $98.

Cute workout wear, wallet

4. Banjees Wrist Wallet

Not every piece of workout wear is a bra, jacket, pant, or legging. Case in point: This useful wrist wallet. It’s perfect to wear whenever you’re going to get active because it’s lightweight. Fits most large smartphones (as well as a key, cash, and cards), and has a buttonhole for headphones.

Cute workout wear, shirt

5. PrAna Active Tank

If you want cute workout wear but hate the price tag most items carry, this is a great piece to consider buying. It was originally priced at $54 but is now $13.49 (and it’s in excellent condition).

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