You Don’t Have to Look Like Winter


Winter has arrived, and for some of us it has brought along snowy roads and snowy or ashy skin hues. And hey, that’s not so bad for anyone cultivating an alabaster hue. But others can find it hard to give up the seemingly healthy glow of summer. We’ve already written about how to get that summertime glow while the sun is shining. But how to achieve it now that the Winter Solstice has the sun at its farthest southern point?


Invest in a good moisturizer that has a little color Revolution Organics offers up a new product called Freedom Glow ($34.00). Called a multi-tasking beauty balm, it’s designed to add a “healthy, moisture-infused glow” to lips, cheeks, forehead, nose, and décolleté. It is available in “sunkissed,” “bronzed” and “blush,” as well as a color-free version in an all-over body balm. Further, it contains certified organic ingredients and is free of chemicals, mineral oil, synthetics, petroleum and parabens. The Skin Deep database also gives it a safe sign-off.

I have naturally pale skin so “sunkissed” is about as dark as I can go without looking like I spent the week in a tanning bed. It works like a self-tanner without the self-tanning while leaving you with a pretty strong moisture. I find that a single swipe of “sunkissed” makes me look instantly mid-summer. My young friend Michelle, who is naturally about five shades darker than me, loves the “bronzed” shade and finds that it gives her a nice summertime look.


Pick your wardrobe carefully. I am the first to admit that half my wardrobe is black and various shades of gray. And considering I have skin most suited to blend in with an Arctic ice shelf, this can make me look like a corpse. But even if your ancestors hail from the African Sahara, sheathing yourself in the color of mourning isn’t going to do much to brighten up your appearance. Considering adding a dash of color to your ensemble, even if it is just a scarf.


Check into organic soaps The chemicals and fragrances in traditional soaps can irritate and dry out your skin, giving it an ashy hue. Dr. Bronner’s Classic Bar Soap is an excellent choice, offering up an organic, biodegradable suds with a safe rating from the Skin Deep database. Also, while we’re talking suds, don’t forget to exfoliate. The easiest way to brighten up your skin is removing dead skin cells.


Spend a few minutes of the day in the sun without sunscreen We already mentioned this in our article lauding the tips for a natural summertime glow, but it’s worth repeating. Vitamin D is essential to bone health and immune function. Further, it is a key component to Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a depression that afflicts people who don’t get enough sun. While you always want to be careful you won’t burn, consider spending your coffee breaks out in the sunlight. It may lift your mood and the pallor off your skin.


Smile. I know this seems like it was submitted by Captain Obvious. But when it is so cold your moisturizer has frozen on your face, (I have been there,) the best thing you can do is just grin and carry on. You may be cold, but your inner beauty will shine through.

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