5 Ways Used Clothing’s Character Makes it Wonderful


image: Castaway Vintage

Used clothing is brimming with character, and ages like a good wine.  But what makes it so wonderful?

The vintage look of worn clothing is sought in new clothing evident in trends like ripped jeans, distressed tees and rugged boots. Marking those perfect imperfections ourselves is a bonding experience with our clothing, and adds character to our style.

The longer we hold on to clothing, the more stories they tell and the more they become a part of us. Plus, when clothes are kept in circulation, they stay out of landfills.  Here’s a round up of why we believe used clothing’s character makes it wonderful.


image: Roco Julie

1. It’s softer

Clothing becomes soft with time.  The wear on used clothes over time loosen the stiffness, making clothing more comfortable a pleasant to touch. They aren’t confined by a new stiffness.


image: remixyourface

2.  It fits your body perfectly

A remarkable characteristic of used clothing is it shapes to your body. An old pair of jeans or t-shirt that skims your curves perfectly is a happy reminder that is it yours.  Each one of your unique contures is molded–making it truly one of a kind!


image: oxcnpxo

3. It has memories

Used clothing is full of associations that transport you back to a special day you wore them or when you found it in a foreign city, or the person who passed it down to you. By wearing them again, you relive a specific time and. Even each tear and patch becomes its own memoir.


image: stevendepolo

4. It’s already shrunk to its final size

Few things are more annoying then taking a new clothes out of the dryer and poof!, they have shrunk down to a size that might fit your American Girl doll or 5-year-old niece. But used clothing has already shrunk down to size, so you can hold off on the “worry-wash”!


image: In this fleeting moment

5. It’s uniquely yours

Everyone want to stand out and be unique–a certain spark that can set us apart.  Used clothing personifies our self-expression through style.

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