5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Closet Clutter Free


If your personal storage space looks as though you’re preparing for a yard sale, then it’s due time to get organized. Having a cluttered closet is not only annoying and unsightly – it’s bad for your clothes.

Here’s how to keep your closet clean:

- Invest in storage containers and shelves. This way, everything has its own designated place. If you’re seeking custom storage design, check out Eco-Nize for green possibilities. Trying to cram everything onto yet another hanger on that one sagging pole is not the recipe for a clean closet.

- Ditch the hangers – especially the wire ones from the dry cleaners’. Many items, like sweaters, are actually better off being folded, gently stacked, and stored in a bin or canvas storage.

- Get a hanging shoe rack to save floor space in your closet for plastic drawers. There’s no need for shoes to clutter up the floor of your closet – or the hallway – but a shoe caddy can take up precious space. Consider inexpensive canvas shoe racks instead. (Also a good idea if you have a puppy.)

- Empty your closet. The entire thing. It’s time for the Big Sort. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to discover items left forgotten under chaotic piles. Donate anything you haven’t worn yet this year – unless it’s extremely sentimental – and organize the rest into storage containers. (If you label these receptacles, finding something you need won’t turn into a frustrating scavenger hunt.)

- Color coordinate your clothes and shoes. Not only is this visually satisfying, but it will also cut down the time you spend putting together your outfits. You should also store seasonal items – there’s no point keeping your closet filled with sweaters in summer when you could store them in canvas cases under the bed.

Image: jenlight

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