6 Beauty Trends We Don’t Miss

6 Beauty Trends We Don’t Miss

There are some crazy beauty trends out there these days. But do they compare to out there trends of the past? Let’s take a look at some of those we don’t miss.

We have to be ready to roll with it, right? Still, some trends really miss the mark even when they are current trends. Safe to say, we don’t miss them when they are gone.

From bad makeup choices to hairstyle mistakes, these are the trends we hope don’t come around again any time soon.

6 Beauty Trends We Don’t Miss

1. Overplucked Brows: Sure, there is some grooming involved in pulling off on fleek brows. But the current lush brow trend requires a lighter touch when it comes to plucking. Nice to see the days of skinny brows is a thing of the past. And for good reason, regular plucking makes it tough to grow those babies back when you want them. Step away from the tweezers and take a less is more approach to brow grooming.

2. Bad Bronzer: Remember the orange-y glint of yester-year’s bronzer? That oompa loompa look you could spot a hundred yards off? Today’s bronzer is more natural glow than fakey bronze. As with the brows, a light touch is the way to go. Go for a swipe of cream based RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer.

3. Frost Makeup: While the ultra matte look may not be for everyone, super frost on lids and lips is tough to pull off and and goes against today’s low maintenance beauty. If you like the look of muted frost, try a hint of shimmer. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is the absolute bomb for providing natural looking lit from within-ness. No glaring frostiness necessary.

4. Body Glitter: Yes, we all love glowing skin. But actual sparkle was over the top even when it was popular. Subtle glimmer enhances collar bones, tanned skin, and creates a healthy luster. Prrty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion adds instant radiance and evens skin tone while it hydrates.

5. Overlined Lips: These have been goners for a while now, but it never hurts to reinforce. Lipliner definitely has its place in any makeup routine. It defines lips and helps lip color to stay in place. Especially helpful when wearing red lipstick. Just remember to keep liner color as close to lipstick color as possible.

6. Crispy Hair: If you have any natural texture to your hair at all, you know you went the crispy hair route at some point. Super quick and easy? Yes. Soft and touchable? Nope. Whether you are LOBing it, WOBing it, FOBing it, or good ol’ BOBing it these days, natural wave is where it’s at. Rahua Finishing Treatment adds softness and shine with hair reparative benefits.

Ok, so we’ve covered past trends we don’t miss, but there are a few current trends that could disappear too. Who else is tired of seeing blue/pink/purple dyed hair or tall black sports socks? Yep, those are definitely headed for next year’s worst beauty trends list.

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