6 Hair Brushing Tricks Every Woman Should Know

6 Hair Brushing Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Hair brushing tricks to keep your tresses looking purdy.

You might think you’ve got the whole hair brushing thing mastered, but you’d be surprised at the (many) ways you might be damaging your locks—and not even know it. Let’s take a hair brushing refresher course, shall we?

Here are 6 hair brushing rules you should never break:

1. Use the right brush

“You should really do your research and find the right brush for your hair type,” says Susonnah Barklow, editor of NaturallyCurly.com. “You might even find that no brush is best for your hair! Several ladies use their fingers in the shower to detangle and nothing else.” And when you do brush, focus on quality over quantity: Just massage your scalp, carefully get rid of tangles, and mosey on with your day.

2. Brush from tip to root

Brushing your strands from top to bottom can cause snags and breakage. “Instead, you should brush your hair in sections, starting from the ends and slowly working your way up the hair,” says Barklow. “If there’s a really nasty knot, it’s best to use your fingers to get rid of it.”

3. Brush before washing

Because your strands are weakened when wet, they’re more prone to tangle. To prevent mats and snarls, start a pre-shower hair brushing ritual before hopping in.

3. Dry your hair before brushing

“Hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet and breaks easily,” says beauty expert Julie Allseybrook. “Brushes are harsh on hair at the best of times, and brushing when wet can lead to split ends, permanent damage and breakage.” If you just can’t resist, use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair—and when blow drying, use a vented brush, which has fewer teeth.

The exception to this rule is if you’ve got curly locks, in which case you should do the opposite: Comb when wet, not dry.

4. Take your time with tangles

We’re all famous for ripping out tangles as aggressively as if it were an Olympic event. The time has come for us to put on our big girl pants and treat our hair with respect. First, ditch the paddle brush and detangle using a wide tooth comb and detangling product. If you’re detangling wet or damp hair, apply a conditioner with plenty of slip, and if dry make sure to apply a detangling cream.

5. Clean your brushes on the regs

“Just like you wash your makeup brushes, you should wash your hair brush once a week,” says Allseybrook. “The bristles get clogged up with hair and product buildup, and you’re brushing this back into your hair.” Ick. Allseybrook recommends removing any hair caught in the bristles, then running the brush under warm water. Work shampoo into the bristles, creating a foam, then rinse it off completely and towel dry. Voila!

6. Avoid static

Going overboard with hair brushing can lead to static. To avoid the frizz factor, spritz hairspray on your brush to keep flyaways on lockdown.

What are your go-to hair brushing moves?

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