6 Steps to DIY Cupping Therapy for Clear Skin


DIY cupping therapy for beauty and health

To fight the effects of aging, bring a natural tautness and glow to your complexion, and even banish cellulite, cupping therapy may be the solution for your bodily woe–particularly for the face.

I am always on the quest to find unique, new-age (or old-age-turned-newly-resurrected) skincare products and therapies that will take my skin from good to goddess. Against (and slightly fearful of) invasive therapies or anything involving a needle or the words “chemical” and “peel”, I tend to stick to all-natural, so-called miracle creams, scrubs, and toners. I’ve also long been using a dry skin brush, which has taken my skin to the next level. But recently, I added a new physical therapy to my skincare regimen: cupping.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures.

During a cupping therapy session, a therapist places special cups on the skin for a few minutes in order to create suction. The suction causes the skin to rise and turn red. This process increases blood circulation to the part of the body being treated, which is why many people engage in cupping therapy to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, deep-tissue massage, and general well-being. Cupping therapy activates the lymphatic system and is thus a great way to detox and rejuvenate the body’s cells.

When it comes to cupping therapy in our day-to-day lives, there is no longer a need to visit an aesthetician for the effects. Facial and body cups are available for purchase online and they are effective in achieving professional results (and, in my experience, without the redness and soreness after a professional session).

I purchased my superior grade medical silicone facial cups from Bellabaci. On its site, the company offers a variety of cup sizes to fit your individual needs. I was only looking for cups fit for facial skin, but there are plenty of larger cup size options to treat less sensitive, larger parts of the body, like the arms, legs, back, and buttocks.

I began to conduct facial cupping therapy on myself, which I imagine is a much more mild form of the kind of therapy I’d experience at a spa or alternative medicine clinic. There was no redness on my face afterward, and because I am able to use the cups whenever I want, I stay committed to the practice and can witness the long-term benefits in a less expensive way.

Other companies that offer home cupping therapy supplies include: LURE Home Spa and Cupping Warehouse.

DIY cupping therapy

Once you’ve purchased your cups, here’s how to administer cupping therapy on yourself.

  1. Start with the soft cups on a light suction and slowly graduate to the hard cup after a few weeks or month. Before you start using the hard cup, your body should be comfortable with the soft cup being used with maximum suction intensity.
  2. Choose a liquid to help facilitate movement of the cups. You can use water and soap in the shower, or, if you prefer not to take a shower, use an all-natural oil.
  3. Rub the water/soap or oil over the area you want to treat.
  4. Squeeze the cup slightly and set it down on the treatment area.
  5. Glide the cup using linear, circular, and zig-zag movements. Movements should always be directed toward the heart to best facilitate circulation.
  6. Continue for 15 minutes and repeat three times per week. After your body becomes more accustomed to the sensations of cupping therapy, you can treat yourself every day for ten minutes.

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