6 Streaming Crime Drama TV Shows to Binge Watch this Week

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Watching smart sleuths catch crooks from afar is really entertaining and makes you think, “Hey! At least it’s not me in that body bag,” as you chomp away on organic corn chips. (If you think that sounds rather specific, I confess that it is. Guilty as charged.) This week I’ve rounded up 6 crazy good crime drama TV shows that will keep you biting your nails until the end of each of their seasons.

Streaming on Vudu

1. “Top of the Lake” (season one)

This crime drama comes from Jane Campion. After a 12-year-old girl who is five months pregnant walks into a freezing lake and disappears, a young detective is put on the case. The detective becomes increasingly obsessed with finding the young girl – and finding herself. This show is $12.99-19.99 for the entire season, from BBC America.

Streaming on Netflix

2. “The Killing” (season one)

The first and second season of this streaming TV show follows a Seattle homicide detective (Sarah Linden) and her partner as they try to solve the brutal murder of a young girl. Three seasons are available for streaming for free on Netflix with a subscription.

3. “Twin Peaks” (season one)

Agent Dale Cooper is sent to solve the murder of Laura Palmer in the small town of Twin Peaks. Copper teams with the town’s quirky police department, drinks damn fine coffee and learns about all the strange mysteries the town is trying to keep hidden. This cult crime drama classic was created by David Lynch. Two seasons are available for free to stream on Netflix with a subscription.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

4. “The Wire” (season one)

The first session of this incredibly popular HBO crime drama follows a Baltimore homicide detective as he investigates a drug lord. Season one through five are available to stream for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

5. “Veronica Mars” (season one)

This fun and captivating crime drama follows teen sleuth, Veronica Mars, as she tries to solve the murder of her best friend, Lilly, all while helping her father run his PI business, and navigating the nasty waters of high school. Seasons one through three are available to stream on Amazon Prime with a subscription.

Streaming on Hulu

6. “The Bridge

The first season of “The Bridge” aired last summer on FX. This intense TV show follows two detectives (one from Mexico and one from the United States) as they try to solve a series of murders that are occurring on both sides of the boarder. As the detectives start to work together, they begin to form an unlikely friendship. The entire first season is available free on Hulu Plus, with a subscription.

Each of these streaming services has more crime drama TV shows available. Search for your favorites!

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