6 Ways to Perfect Lazy Girl Makeup Because You Seriously DGAF

6 Ways to Perfect Lazy Girl Makeup Because You Seriously DGAF

Scrolling through Instagram beauty pics and wondering how to get that #iwokeuplikethis look? These lazy girl makeup tips ought to help.

Dewy skin, perfectly mussed hair, just the right amount of shadowy haze around the eyes. Yep, DGAF beauty at its best.

Ok, a select few women may actually roll out of bed looking like a million tousled bucks. For the rest of us, there’s lazy girl makeup.

Not to be confused with the hangover makeup look, DGAF is more about looking natural…only better. Like you didn’t put any thought at all into how you looked before stepping out of the house. But you totally did.

6 Lazy Girl Makeup Tips

1. Just a little moisturizer is the look you are going for. But it usually takes more than the one product to pull it off successfully. Adding a touch of tint to your moisturizer is a quick and effective way to even out the complexion and a great way to use up foundation that is the wrong color. Easier still, mix a bit of self tanner for face into your daily moisturizer for a glow that’ll last a few days.

2. Natural glow is something all women strive for. The fastest way to get it, choose a blush close to your skin color and undertones, with a bit of warmth. A pinky peach flatters most complexions. Dust onto cheekbones and eyelids for a cohesive look.

3. A slightly oily glint, like you haven’t bothered to powder your face, is part of this look. The key? Fake it with highlighter. Add to areas of face where light hits: very tops of cheekbones, top of forehead, bridge of nose, brow bones.

4. Glam lazy girl makeup? Absolutely! If slept-in-it eyeliner is what you are going for, here’s the trick. Use a cream shadow as eyeliner. It makes for some great smudging.

5. Bare lashes are so lazy girl. If you weren’t born with a thick fringe, apply one coat of black mascara and pretend like you were.

6. Embrace your natural hair texture by using products that boost what you’ve got. Few women actually let their hair air dry, sans product. To enhance wave, use a bit of mousse and scrunch. A styling cream will keep curls from getting too frizzy. Add texture spray to fine or limp hair to give it a little oomph.

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