6 Ways to Wear White after Labor Day

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Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day. Still need convincing? We’ve rounded up 4 white fall sweaters (and 2 white winter accessories) that will take your closet to the lighter side. But first: Some expert advice.

EcoSalon reached out to Megan Evans, the fashion maven of the Well Coiffed Closet, to get her two cents on wearing white after Labor Day and all the way into the winter:

“Winter white is more of a milky, ivory than a pure white,” says Megan. “If you are going to wear white on the bottom ideally it’s in a fall/winter fabric or if not, then pair it with winter pieces i.e. white jeans with a suede booty and a colorful cashmere sweater or a winter white wool blend wide leg pant can be paired with a crisp white button down if you want to go with the all white look. The color whites don’t have to match perfectly.

“I also love winter white corduroys. A winter white wool coat is not practical because of stains, but it’s always gorgeous. The easiest thing to do with white in the winter is accessorize with it. Bags, scarves, jewelry etc.”

Now, apply that advice and look at some clothes!

White Sweaters

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1. Indigenous Knit and Jersey Cardigan

This piece from Indigenous looks like the perfect sweater for late evening lounging at a coffee shop with friends. It’s made from organic cotton and tencel, and features low-impact dyes. This white, described as “cloud,” is elegant and muted.

White sweater

2. Atlas Alpaca Sweater

This awesome fall sweater (or any-season sweater if you work in a cold office) from Reformation is made from alpaca wool that’s been hand-sorted in the Peruvian highlands. This sweater is soft like cashmere, but a heck of a lot more eco-friendly. Don this crew necked sweater with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Made in L.A.


3. Legends Turtleneck

You’ll look totally groovy in this ’60s-inspired imported turtleneck, sold at Sundance. This form-fitting sweater is made with organic cotton, and nylon and spandex.

Crop top sweater

4. Divided by H&M Cardigan, resold at ThredUp

The price is right for this cute, on-trend crop top. Pair with a high-waisted pencil skirt, and a solid-colored shirt underneath the white sweater to turn heads.

A Few White Winter Accessories

If you aren’t into donning white as part of your all-day ensemble (I, too, can’t wear white because I inevitably spill coffee or wine down my front), consider getting a few white accessories.

Furry scarf

7. Betsey Johnson Scarf, resold at ThredUp

Fluffy, fake-fur-esque accessories are all the rage this season. Embrace that look with this warm and “furry” scarf.

White hat

6. Cejon Hat, resold at ThredUp

Fake fur strikes again. Except this time it’s in hat mode! This furry-feeling hat is the perfect accessory to place on your noggin as you run out the door into the cold morning.

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