7 Fab Adult Coloring Ideas and Projects for Your Inner Child

Adult coloring is all the rage this year.

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines and pick up the creative pastime of adult coloring.

No matter what you may have heard, no one actually outgrows coloring. Everyone likes to color– both kids and adults–it’s simply that some think they’ve grown too old to color. But, that really couldn’t be further from the truth. And for those who love to color, even as adults,  there’s been a resurgence in adult coloring.

From runaway popular adult coloring books selling out on Amazon to recent articles extolling its meditative benefits, adult coloring is on the rise–or at least, out in the open.

Maybe you are like me–a die hard coloring fan and longtime collector of coloring books–and adult coloring isn’t new for you. But, if you are new to the hobby after learning about how it can help your mind, body and spirit, then you might need some inspiration.

Whether your ideal tool is the good old Crayola crayon, watercolor pencils, art markers, or all three, enjoy these fun adult coloring resources and ideas.

Adult Coloring Ideas and Projects

  1. Coloring Wallpaper  – A very adult way of coloring is with color in wallpaper. This would be perfect in a home office. Color it in when you need a break from work or schoolwork.
  2. DIY Photoshop Coloring Pages – Turn photographs into personalized coloring pages with this Photoshop tutorial.
  3. Adult Coloring Books – If you prefer coloring books, like when you were a kid, try the super popular coloring book series by Johanna Basford. Her 96-paged “Secret Garden” coloring book became a global sensation for its simple flowery line drawings.
  4. Zentangles – Or if you don’t want to color in someone else’s designs, try making your own. The Zentangle drawing method is an easy-to-learn technique to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns–that you can also color in.
  5. Dover Coloring Books – Dover Publications has hundreds of themed coloring books for adult coloring for sale. They range from abstracts to coloring in your own Van Gogh!
  6. Museum Coloring Pages – Penn Museum has created coloring pages from real objects in their collection, like the gorgeous “Floral Pattern Glazed Tile” from Turkey.
  7. DIY Paint by Number – This isn’t exactly coloring, but it’s close enough. Create your own DIY paint by number effect by painting in thrifted art. Here is one way of doing it.

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