These 7 Summer Reading Musts Will Captivate You All Season Long

2016 summer book list

Summer reading is essential. So are these books.

It’s time to kick back, relax, and catch up on all that reading you swore you’d have done by now. Whether you’re on the beach or a lounge chair in your backyard, try to disconnect from the world around you and get lost in one of the following 7 novels on this book list for summer 2016.

Summer Reading List 2016

1. “The Decent Proposal” by Kemper Donovan

This comedy/drama brings together two unsuspecting characters – a high-strung businesswoman and a charming, albeit broke, man. An anonymous billionaire proposes that they spend two hours a week together over the course of the year. If they succeed in doing so, they will split $1 million. Agreeing to the terms, the two embark on a roller coaster of revelations, surprises, and love.

2. “Maestra” by  L.S. Hilton

This erotic psychological thriller follows narrator Judith Rashleigh as she tries to climb the social ladder of high society, only to be put in her place. Despite a setback, she returns with a vengeance, eager to manipulate her way into a glamorous lifestyle, only this time as a modern-day femme fatale.

3. “Sweetbitter: A Novel” by  Stephanie Danler

Set in New York City, “Sweetbitter “pairs a 22-year old girl’s advent into the restaurant life with a tangled love triangle. Author Stephanie Danler has an incredible way with words and tantalizes your senses with her depiction of food and wine.

4. “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man and his son journey down the road to reach the sea. Between the descriptions of the ravaged world and the slipping morality of the unnamed man, it is his love for his young, emaciated son that prevails. “The Road” is a national bestseller and Pulitzer Prize Winner.

5. “Love is a Mix Tape” by Rob Sheffield

In this autobiographical memoir, veteran rock and pop culture critic and staff writer for Rolling Stone magazine, Rob Sheffield, details his courtship and marriage to Renée Crist before she died suddenly of pulmonary embolism in 1997. Rob uses 15 mix tapes to frame the coming-of-age story and how they relate to love and loss.

6. “The Assistants” by Camille Perri

For six years, Tina has been the beloved assistant to Robert, the CEO of a multinational conglomerate. Despite enjoying her job, Tina realizes that her student loans have yet to be paid off. One day, she notices a technical error in Robert’s expense reports that could pay off her entire student loan balance without Robert noticing. Tina struggles with her plan to play against the rules for the first time. But as other assistants want in on her plan, she finds herself at the helm of a no-turning-back plot with huge implications.

7. “Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley

A plane carrying 11 privileged passengers crashes. A struggling painter and the four-year-old son of a wealthy media mogul survive. As the aftermath of the crash unfolds, it becomes questionable whether the accident was just that – an accident. Something greater was at work, and as the painter struggles to cope with newfound fame, he must also deal with the authorities pending revelations about the cause of the crash.

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