7 Summer-Themed Streaming Movies to Beat the Heat

Jaws ride at theme park

This week, I’ve rounded up some saucy, silly and mindless-in-that-good-way streaming movies that are best when watched in the summertime. These streaming movies should keep you entertained this week and in the mood for the start of summer come this weekend.

Summer is here! OK, it’s not technically here, here, but it is less than a week away. To celebrate this bright-and-shiny season, I’m hosting a summer solstice party with healthy treats and fun drinks. Also on my party agenda: Streaming some stellar summertime entertainment for my guests!

1. “A League of Their Own” streaming on Hulu Plus (free with subscription)

Is there anything that screams summer more than baseball? I think not. And this film, starring Geena Davis, Madonna and Tom Hanks, is all about baseball – strike that – women in baseball. This funny, heartwarming film will keep you entertained on a hot summer day and wishing that there was still a professional women’s baseball league.

2. “Clueless” streaming on Amazon Prime (free with subscription)

You say you don’t like ’90s interpretations of Jane Austen novels. Ugh. As if! This fun film is roughly based off Austen’s novel, “Emma.” It’s a must-watch movie, in my opinion, and is a perfect flick to watch on a lazy summer day.

3. “Jaws” streaming on Vudu (available to rent)

Nothing beats hitting the beach on a hot summer day. But unfortunately, the people of Amity Island don’t have that option. A giant white shark is terrorizing the beach and driving paying tourists away. So, what’s a mayor to do? Hire a band of shark-fighting misfits to take back summer, catch a shark and save a city.

4. “The Graduate” streaming on Netflix (free with subscription)

We’ve all been there. The summer after college graduation can be brutal. Living at home, finding a job — finding yourself — it’s all tough. Dustin Hoffman’s performance in this classic reminds us all just how slow the summer can tick along when you’re still trying to figure it all out.

Honorable streaming mentions:

5. “Adventureland” on Netflix: A modern take on that awkward, after-college summer gig.

6. “Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation” available to rent on Amazon: Poor Jimmy Stewart. All he wants to do is go on a relaxing summer vacation with his family. But we all know that vacations are anything but chill.

7. “Ghostbusters” on Hulu Plus: Bill Murray and crew go after a mess of ghosts that have invaded New York. This title was originally released in the summer and is best watched with some popcorn and a cold, homemade lemonade.

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