7 Unique Bookends to Spruce Up a Drab Bookshelf

7 Unique Bookends to Spruce Up a Drab Bookshelf

Unique bookends that will take your shelf from yawn to yowza.

Do you look at the state of your bookshelf and hear a sad trombone? Yep, me too. I’ve got the books and the pictures and the souvenirs and the kitsch, yet it’s still missing that all-important wow factor: That primary focal point that ties everything together. Enter unique bookends – and the more unique, the better.

These stylishly simple accessories not only bring order to your ginormous collection of chick lit, travel guides and biographies, but they do so while showing off your personality. Want to know more about a new friend? Just check out her bookends. (Don’t be dirty.)

Here are 7 unique bookends that’ll transform any blasé bookshelf:

unique bookends

1. Coral bookends

These refreshing coral bookends are overscaled for dramatic effect. The natural beauty of the coral combined with the pale wood and mother-of-pearl inlay will make your shelf look stunning.

unique bookends

2. Pineapple bookends

These pineapple bookends are whimsical and just the right amount of kitsch. And for those of us who aren’t so good at the whole taking time off thing, they’ll remind us to book our vacations when we’re supposed to.

unique bookends

3. Vintage bookends

You can’t go wrong with vintage: These 1940s cast metal bookends are in the form of lit genie lamps set on top of books. Word is they were made by Dodge, Inc. in L.A., best known for making Oscars and Emmys. Le swoon.

unique bookends

4. Arrow bookends

Clearly inspired by vintage highway signs, these arrow bookends will give your bookshelf the pop of color it deserves.

unique bookends

5. Bicycle bookends

These adorable bicycle bookends are made of wrought iron: Strong enough to support your bookworm tendencies without that cold industrial feel.

unique bookends

6. Recycled aluminum bookends

These stunning recycled aluminum bookends show two Harlequins kneeling down and pushing walls of pinewood. They’re handmade in Peru by artist Luitpol.

unique bookends

7. Hand-carved bookends

Hand-carved by artist Gulam Rasool, these wise owl bookends are made of soapstone and would be a chic addition to any bookshelf.

Do you use unique bookends to show off your fave reads?

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