77 Totally Random Things to Be Thankful For

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A mega-roundup of 77 things to be thankful for you’re going to be thankful for (HA, get it?).

It’s Thanksgiving, ladies! Time to hoover a massive dinner (and pie, of course) surrounded by your family and friends – and dog, who’s patiently waiting for you to literally throw him a bone. By now, you’ve probably started chatting about things to be thankful for and have covered the obvious – your health, job, home – but have yet to cover the oodles of little things to be thankful for that tend to get overlooked.

Here are 77 totally random things to be thankful for:

  1. Cat videos
  2. When someone you really don’t like runs into a glass door
  3. When there’s one sweater left and it’s in your size
  4. When your parents text you
  5. A good night’s sleep that feels more like a coma
  6. Chocolate
  7. Friends… with benefits
  8. How many pictures of Gavin Rossdale there are
  9. The return of mom jeans
  10. Inside jokes
  11. Flats
  12. Deodorant
  13. GPS
  14. Cozy leggings
  15. When you finally make it through an entire yoga class without feeling like you’re going to die
  16. Netflix
  17. Coupons
  18. When your skin looks like it’s been Photoshopped
  19. When you feel like an after picture
  20. When your kid grows out of the “sticky hands” phase
  21. Henley tees
  22. Open bar
  23. Going for a walk
  24. Bling
  25. Turning off your phone
  26. Online shopping
  27. Crunchy leaves
  28. Wine
  29. Holiday parties (which equal holiday outfits)
  30. Project Runway
  31. That Kim K didn’t break the Internet… just your soul
  32. When you date an amazingly gorgeous guy who totally makes up for high school
  33. Wearing white after labor day like a badass
  34. People are finally over that whole “YOLO” thing
  35. Charlie Weber’s beard
  36. When you buy your pet a cool new toy and he’s more interested in the box it came in
  37. Your favorite winter coat
  38. Stylus pens
  39. Animal prints
  40. Knowing that if George Clooney can do it, so can you
  41. Fuzzy socks
  42. Scrunchies (c’mon, admit it)
  43. Customer service reps who speak English
  44. Adding to your handbag collection
  45. Snow days
  46. When your favorite song comes on the radio
  47. Color-blocking
  48. Being weird
  49. Jar openers
  50. Vegan leather boots
  51. Food porn
  52. Bras that make it look like you need to wear one
  53. Underwear that covers everything it’s supposed to
  54. Jumping in puddles
  55. The fact that plaid is the best
  56. Christmas movie marathons
  57. One-piece pyjamas
  58. Spell-check
  59. All that testosterone flying around in Movember
  60. When a story you’re trying to tell is so funny you can’t finish it
  61. When a recipe turns out exactly how it’s supposed to
  62. Auto-save
  63. A fresh manicure
  64. Shonda Rhimes
  65. When your vacation actually feels like a vacation
  66. Discovering your soul mate is in fact a shade of lipstick
  67. Comfy wool everything
  68. Call display
  69. The old guy you bump into at the coffee shop who tells you the same joke every morning
  70. Beauty products that make you feel all zen
  71. Good hair days
  72. Chapstick
  73. When a celeb replies to your tweet
  74. When a fortune cookie knows just what to say
  75. When it turned out it was just gas
  76. When your home doesn’t smell like feet
  77. That you’re not a turkey

With so many things to be thankful for, what would you add to this list?

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