8 Clever, Crafty & Creative Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards

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After major holidays and lifetime milestones, you clear your mantle of thoughtful cards from your family and friends and hesitate on the way to the recycling bin. After all, such artsy stationary could be put to some better use, right? You bet! Here’s a list of creative projects to reinvent your stack of old greeting cards.

Photobucket Learn how to give old greeting cards new life as a small gift box.
PhotobucketCut the front side of the card into strips and use them to hold your place in your latest reads. Never again will you have to fold over the edge of a page in absence of a bookmark.

PhotobucketUse these instructions to create handmade ornaments from old greeting cards.

PhotobucketAll you need to transform the front side of a greeting card into a postcard is an address and some stamps. Pretty resourceful, huh?

PhotobucketWhen your grandmother, the Food Network or a colleague passes on a new recipe, jot it down on the back of a greeting cards beautiful imagery for a visually appealing cookbook.

PhotobucketUsing the front side of a variety of greeting cards, follow these steps to make a uniquely colorful journal.

PhotobucketSet the cover of an elaborate greeting card on a cutting board and use an exacto knife to slice it into pieces of different shapes and sizes. Wondering what you could possibly do with these? Give them to the little ones as a homemade puzzle.

Photobucket Make your own luminary from old greeting cards.

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One thought on “8 Clever, Crafty & Creative Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards

  1. Thanks for all the useful info. I do save them for bookmarks but you have taken me to a new realm. Eons ago, when I went to school, the nuns would ask for old Xmas cards or any other holiday cards. They would recycle them into crafty prizes for deserving children.


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