8 Galvanized Metal Solutions for Your Rustic Space

Rustic galvanized metal.

If your decorating style can be described as rustic chic, industrial farmhouse, cottage, or any of those in between, read on to discover some budget ways to incorporate galvanized metal in your decor.

Galvanized metal is the workhorse of a variety of decorating styles — for those not in the the know, galvanization refers to the process of coating steel or iron with a zinc coating to ward off rust. Not only does it work with the urban industrial farmhouse style, but it can also fit into a more traditional rustic style home as well — both indoors and out. The benefits of galvanized metal home furnishings, accessories, and accents are that it is sturdy and can take a lot of abuse (ideal for homes with kids and pets), but it’s also a great budget option as well.

It’s also possible to source galvanized finds at flea markets, thrift stores, and estate sales, making it a sustainable and affordable choice.

Looking for inspiration to decorate your industrial farmhouse or your country-chic space equally well? Read on.

8 Galvanized Metal Solutions


1. Baskets via FoundInAttic

Vintage metal baskets can be repurposed to hold everything from kindling for the fire to towels in the guest bathroom.


2. Drawers via PineSpringsCottage

Turn old galvanized drawers into practical planters for sumptuous succulents. They can be used as a lovely table centerpiece at your next dinner party.

galvanized metal

3. Pitcher via Wayfair

A galvanized pitcher makes for a beautiful solution for holding spring or summer blooms.

galvanized metal

4. Tray via BoulderBlueStudio

A dish made from galvanized metal is the perfect way to showcase your rustic chic decor and hold your ice-cold lemonade!

galvanized metal

5. File/Letter Stand via Pottery Barn

Get organized and stop throwing your mail on the table in a big pile with this metal file stand. It’s practical but looks good enough to store next to the door.


galvanized metal

6. Cake Stand via SaveonCrafts

A galvanized metal cake stand is not only perfect to fit in with your decor, but it’s also a sturdy and long lasting choice.


7. Cabinet via Pottery Barn

This cabinet offers another great way to get organized. It would work perfectly in an entryway to store umbrellas, hats, book bags, and more.

galvanized metal

8. Funnel Light via Farmhouse Wares

With plenty of vintage industrial style, this functional funnel light can brighten your farmhouse kitchen.

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