9 Creative Wedding Gifts for the Bridesmaid on a Budget


Creative wedding gifts for the bridesmaid with a million weddings to go to – and a bank account in overdraft.

Many of us have oodles of weddings to attend this summer: Tis the season for U-Hauls full of Kleenex, bouquet tosses, champagne-guzzling… and a plummeting bank account. As excited as we are to watch our friends’ and relatives’ dreams come true, we don’t want the result to be living in a van down by the river.

Enter creative wedding gifts, the ultimate way to be a thoughtful-yet-budget-friendly bridesmaid in one fell swoop. (“Does this dress come with a cape?”) Here are 9 creative wedding gifts that are as adorable as they are affordable:

1. Growing Wishes Seed Kit
Perfect for the new chapter your fave newlyweds are starting, the Garden of Wishes Flower Kit comes with six different types of seeds, each with a special meaning attached: sweet pea for friendship, pinks for strength, forget me not for love, daisy for clarity, lavender for happiness, and baby’s breath for joy.

2. Personalized Welcome Mat
Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia? Designed by Jim Holodok and made in New York, the Mix Tape Door Mat is a fun, retro way for the newlyweds to welcome guests into their home. Its classic cassette details feature their family name on the mix’s title line. (Say it with me: “Awww!”)

3. Handmade Champagne Flutes
They’re going to have plenty to celebrate during their marriage, and they’re not going to want to use any old glassware. These Swirl Ridge Champagne Glasses are handblown from recycled glass, and no two are exactly alike – much like each milestone they’ll reach.

4. Picnic Basket For Two
This Picnic Basket for Two is made from 100 percent all-natural renewable resources and has a dye and chemical-free cotton-insulated lining. Best of all, it includes two sets of bamboo dinnerware (plates and utensils), two wine glasses made from recycled glass, two organic cotton embroidered napkins, plus a bamboo cutting board and cheese knife.

And what would creative weddings gifts be without that personal touch? Include a collection of fun recipe cards for their outings.

5. Picture Frame
Their wedding photo shouldn’t go in any old picture frame: Created by Fair Trade cooperatives in India, the Jasailmer Photo Frame is handmade from sustainably harvested wood with a white wash finish.

6. Fun Date Ideas
Creative wedding gifts that help build romance never go out of style. “The Little Book of Great Dates” offers a year’s worth of weekly affordable date ideas the newlyweds can use to discover new things about each other and themselves. Swoon.

7. Kitchen Starter Set
If there’s one thing couples learn fast, it’s that there’s no such thing as too many kitchen accessories. This Kitchen Starter Set is 100 percent recycled, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. It comes with a brightly-colored set of mixing bowls, cutting board, colander, and a set measuring cups.

8. His and Hers Key Holders
These wall-mounted His and Hers Key Holders are too adorable for words. Their keys will always be ready when they are – well, at least we know hers will be.

9. Ticket Stub Diary
If the newlyweds are big on concerts and special events, this Ticket Stub Diary will help them preserve their fave memories of concerts, sports events, movies, and more. The clear sleeves fit a number of ticket sizes and include space to write down memories from each event.

What are the most creative wedding gifts you’ve come across?

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