9 Cruiser Bicycles to Totally Rock this Summer

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Adorable cruiser bicycles for every budget.

As someone who’s not into the whole sporty-biking thing, I love that cruiser bicycles have become a thing: They’re all about the journey instead of the finish line, not to mention there’s a cruiser for every personality – and outfit. Whether you’re off to the beach, a local trail or just checking out the neighborhood, cruiser bicycles are an uber-comfy, uber-stylish way to go. They’re simple, old-school, and are a fashionable way to get to your destination.

The catch? Sorting through all the cruiser bicycles in all the land and choosing the one that’s just for you. (Too bad one of them didn’t happen to be missing a glass slipper.)

Here are 9 adorable cruiser bicycles you just might fall in love with:

1. Schwinn LuLu Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn LuLu Cruiser Bike has 7 gear speeds, allowing you to ride at your own pace. It’s a 26-inch cruiser with an adjustable cushioned seat for a comfy and smooth ride. Its fenders allow for all-weather riding and separate front and rear breaks give you better control of your bike. It also as a spacious basket on the front for your purse, groceries and anything else that strikes your fancy.

2. Huffy Fresno Cruiser Bike

Also a 26-inch cruiser, the Huffy Fresno Cruiser Bike has a sturdy steel frame, front and rear fenders to fight off dirt and mud, an adjustable seat and pneumatic tires for a smooth ride through any terrain. It also has a cup holder so you can stay hydrated as you get your workout on. Plus, it’s pretty.

3. Schwinn Legacy Cruiser Bike

If you’re in need of a punch of color, then you’ll love the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser Bike. One of the brightest cruiser bicycles on the block, it’s a classic one-speed bike with a sturdy and durable steel frame. The seat has a spring construction and cushioned top for firm support and comfort, while the kickstand allows for easy parking.

4. Huffy Empire Cruiser Bike

It’s virtually impossible for the Huffy Empire Cruiser Bike to not meet your needs: Its seat is super easy to adjust, it includes a cup holder and an exclusive collapsible basket to store anything you might need for your adventure.

5. Micarg Pantera Cruiser Bike

Your cruise around town will be that much more enjoyable on the Micarg Pantera Cruiser Bike. It has seven different gear speeds that allow you to handle various terrains with ease. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars so you can customize your riding experience, and comes in a variety of colors.

6. Micarg Tahiti Cruiser Bike

Okay, so I may have added this one to the roster of cruiser bicycles because of its name, but can you blame me? Cruise in style on the Micarg Tahiti, a 26-inch cruiser with pneumatic front and rear tires for an extra-smooth ride. It too has an adjustable seat and handlebars and comes in a variety of colors.

7. Linus Dutchi-1 Cruiser Bike

California-based Linus Bikes has fused the look of ’50s French bicycle design with west coast appeal, making for a luxurious ride. The Linus Dutchi-1 Cruiser Bike is a handcrafted, single-speed ride with rear breaks and reflective strips – and goes with basically any outfit.

8. Willow Cruiser Bike

The Willow Cruiser Bike by Brooklyn Bicycle Co. (who creates oodles of stylish cruisers in their Williamsburg studio) has a vintage appeal with a modern twist: Their signature step-through frame has a rear carrier, cool leather saddle and no-slip pedals. You know, no biggie.

9. Huffy Minnie Limited Edition Cruiser Bike

Okay, so I couldn’t resist: This is one of the most adorable cruiser bicycles you’ll ever see. Like, ever. The Huffy Minnie Limited Edition Cruiser Bicycles are individually numbered on the engraved frame badge (only 1,000 have been made). It has a retro polka dot frame tank, handlebar grip ends, fender bolt covers – even the valve stems! The basket on the front is lined in polka dot fabric, while the bike itself has been constructed for the ultimate comfy ride – perfect for cruising through town or on the beach.

Which of these cruiser bicycles is your favorite? You can check them all out and shop here:

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